The design of the interactive experience [Open Talk]


Purpose and context

The objective of this discussion space is to arrive at the drafting of the position paper which serves as the starting point for the public discussion that will be held on the occasion of the brainstorming on May 14, 2015 at the University of Siena. The meeting takes place in the context of the work for the start-up of the Digital Cultural Heritage, Arts and Humanities School and must produce useful indications for the development of its strategies. In particular, it must highlight the priorities perceived by possible beneficiaries in terms of demand for digital skills in the cultural heritage, arts and humanities sector.

Topic of discussion

The theme concerns the enabling technologies that make interactive experience possible, but even more it concerns the anthropological transformations induced by the use of new communication technologies. Connectivity redesigns the nature of social relationships, interactivity allows new forms of expression by redesigning artisan practices and knowledge in relation to cultural production.

More than strictly technological innovation, it is socio-cultural innovation, in the evolution of the relationship between human beings and technologies oriented towards creative expression through the various forms of digital communication.

Discussion mode

For the development of the discussion, we invite you to use the comments on this page. It is not mandatory, but it is desirable, to use a profile that shows your real name and above all your own photo. It helps to get to know each other. We also invite you to try to develop and deepen existing threads before opening new ones, as far as possible. As soon as the first sharing elements emerge, they will be inserted in a shared document whose link will be made available on this page.

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