Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy concerns the site (“SGI”) which collects data and contains a link to this document.

With this Privacy Policy, you are informed about the processing and privacy of your personal data when using our website. The nature of our site does not involve the processing of sensitive data of any kind and we are not directly concerned to any type of profiling, however we still undertake to respect and protect the user's privacy and to manage their personal data with the utmost confidentiality. We recommend that you visit this website regularly as this Privacy Policy may be updated due to likely amendments to the law or changes to our internal processes.

Last updated: May 29, 2015

1. What is meant by personal data?

“Personal Data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. If you fail (at least not without spending too much time and effort) to make a direct link to you, the information is not considered personal data.

2. How do we collect and process your personal data?

to. General principle

In general, users can visit and read most of the content on our website without providing any personal data.

b. Statistics

In the process of retrieving the information requested by the user from our website, we rely completely on the basic functionality offered by WordPress and the Jetpack plugin. The archived data cannot be traced back to you and is only required for statistical or security purposes. Such data does not allow us to draw any conclusions about the identity. For more information, refer to Automattic privacy document, WordPress maker.

c. Web Services

In order to access the online services offered by the site, the user must register with an "Account". Such services may be governed by a separate privacy policy which may differ from this Policy.

d. Exclusive content

In order to access the various elements of the content (such as whitepapers and videos), to register for events, the e-mail address, name, VAT number or tax code and the province of origin will be required, as mandatory data, to allow the user to access exclusive content and to receive additional information on other topics. These data will be used by our association exclusively to provide information and services consistent with the social mission and only for the duration of the subscription as a member.

And. Newsletters, free product updates and special offers

If you subscribe to our newsletter, free product updates and special offers, your email address will be used to provide you with further information about products and services that may be of interest to you. Subscription is voluntary and the user is free to withdraw consent at any time by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link in each email.

g. Contact forms

If you wish to contact us using our contact and support forms, you will be asked to provide contact details (entry fields marked with “*”), which we will only process or use to get in touch with you and provide the desired information. You are free to provide further information (via input fields not marked with “*”), which we will, of course, process in accordance with all applicable data protection requirements.

3. SGI's Data Protection Principles

Basically, our website is designed in such a way that the collection and processing of personal data is minimized. In some cases, we are required to transfer your personal data by law. For example, this happens if there are reasons to suspect a crime or abuse involving our website.

For the provision of certain services we may use external service providers. Should these providers need access to personal data, we guarantee that such access will be limited to the extent necessary for the provision of the respective service. Furthermore, the aforementioned external service providers are of course bound by compliance with all applicable data protection regulations.

4. Are cookies and social plug-ins used?

We use different types of "cookies" (small text files saved on the user's device):

User data cookies
Authentication cookies
Social plug-in tracking cookies

We use cookies and widgets from popular social networks to improve your visit to our websites. If this is a concern, you can disable third-party cookies from your browser settings or visit a dedicated opt-out URL for each cookie providers. To prevent tracking by social media widgets, log out of all social networks you are logged into before visiting our website.

Below is a list of the holders of the cookies incorporated on our websites:

The browser settings can be configured in such a way as to block cookies or for the system to inform the user when a website intends to set a cookie. However, it is important to be aware that blocking cookies may prevent you from using all the functions of our website.

You can also use the free service to disable cookie tracking for individual companies Your Online Choices.

The visitor offers his explicit consent to the use of cookies by selecting the "ok" button on the appropriate banner every time it appears, or by scrolling or using any other interactive element of the site.

5. How do we protect your personal data?

The personal data we collect are all and only public data (name, surname, tax code, e-mail address, province of residence) widely available everywhere. In any case, they are stored in a special section of the site, access to which is limited to a small number of authorized persons who must be able to access to administer the website or to ensure its correct functionality, in particular as regards technical assistance. .

6. What are your rights regarding personal data?

The user can access and modify his profile through the account.

Upon your request, we will provide information about which personal data we have stored and for what purpose. If we have stored incorrect data about you despite our commitment to only store accurate and up-to-date data, we will correct it immediately upon becoming aware of the error or upon your request.

In these cases, contact:

If the user wishes to delete his data, he can contact us in the same way.

If it should not be possible to delete user data for technical or legal reasons, this data will be blocked.

7. How can we contact us?

For any questions or suggestions regarding the protection of personal data processed in connection with the use of our website, you can contact us via: