Prof. Fulvio Ananasso delivers insightful talk on Digital Transformation at the University of Nicosia

Condividiamo il comunicato stampa che la School of Business dell’Università di Nicosia di Cipro ha pubblicato per commentare l’intervento del Professor Fulvio Ananasso, presidente di Stati Generali dell’Innovazione, nell’ambito della conferenza “Trasformazione digitale e impatti socio-economici”.  

The School of Business at the University of Nicosia and the Knowledge Management, Innovation and Strategy Center were honored to host a talk by the esteemed Prof. Fulvio Ananasso on November 8.

In his talk, Prof. Ananasso examined the intricacies of Digital Transformation and its socioeconomic impacts. He provided valuable insights into the enablers of Digital Transformation, including the roles of 5G and 6G networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, the metaverse and eXtended Reality (XR). He illustrated these concepts with several use cases across various sectors, including healthcare, education, defense, infrastructure monitoring for predictive maintenance and agriculture.

A key highlight of the talk was the emphasis on the importance of ethics and humanistic education in the development of critical thinking. Prof. Ananasso stressed that these elements are crucial for problem solvers in a super-smart society, as they navigate the complexities and challenges brought about by Digital Transformation.

The talk was a testament to Prof. Ananasso’s expertise and thought leadership in the field of Digital Transformation. His ability to break down complex concepts and present them in an accessible manner was greatly appreciated by the audience.

The School of Business at the University of Nicosia is grateful to Prof. Ananasso for sharing his knowledge and insights, contributing to the ongoing discourse on Digital Transformation and its impacts on our society and economy.

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