Membership Campaign 2015 – FAQ

Stati Generali delll'Innovazione

The new online membership method is working very well, but, like all changes, it has generated some doubts and questions.
We will try to collect answers of general utility here, starting with an appeal.

We have received some wire transfers without completing the online application form. In this way we have no way of identifying the author and regularizing his position as a Member. We ask the executors of these transfers to contact the Treasurer so that we can close the transaction correctly.

Where is the renewal page?
With the new procedure we have completely realigned the databases. For this year, the procedures for joining new Members and renewing for old ones are unified into one module.

How long does it take to receive confirmation of registration in the case of payment by bank transfer?
Typically a few days, but it essentially depends on bank times.

Is the automatic receipt of payment valid for tax purposes?
No, it only serves to give immediate feedback on the successful conclusion of the transaction. Subsequently, the administration sends a tax receipt in accordance with the law as soon as possible.

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