States General of Innovation, Fulvio Ananasso confirmed as president

On the occasion of the ten years of activity dedicated to the promotion and support of the Digital Transformation of Society, Stati Generali dell'Innovazione has renewed its top management and established the "Antonella Giulia Pizzaleo 2021 Award" for Digital Innovation with a Social Impact.

During the Assembly online for the renewal of corporate offices, the results of the votes were announced, with the reconfirmation by a very large majority of the President, Fulvio Ananasso, and in the Board of Directors of the Vice-President Sergio Farruggia and the Treasurer Altheo Valentini, with the new entries of Marco Croella And Sandro Fontana.

In the first meeting of 2022 of the Governing Council, the corporate offices of Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer will be assigned as per the Statute and "the foundations have been laid for a Steering Committee that supports the Council in managing the working groups and in formulating initiatives and strategies for the expansion of the Association”.

Read the complete article by Enzo Lima published on the CorCom newspaper: “General States of Innovation, Fulvio Ananasso confirmed as president”.


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