SGI is looking for expert trainers in online communication and collaboration

States General of Innovation is looking for expert trainers in online communication and collaboration for the project Digital SkillShift.

Background of the Digital SkillShift project

Digital SkillShift intends retrain and improve citizens' skills who face the challenges of 'digital transformation' in the job market. The project aims to create new job opportunities for the beneficiaries of a tailor-made training programme aimed at developing the skills necessary to operate as a "Digital Project Assistant”.


The project is supported by JPMorgan Chase Foundation, and will be implemented by ALL DIGITAL, European NGO based in Brussels representing over 25,000 centers for the development of digital skills.

In Italy the project is carried out in collaboration between Patrizio Paoletti Foundation And States General of Innovation, organizations both particularly active in socio-pedagogical research and in the promotion of innovative methodologies and approaches in the social, cultural and entrepreneurial fields.


The project is mainly about short-term unemployed (under 12 months), with low digital skills and within an age range of 18 and 40 years old. The training phase will take place from January to June 2020 and includes: 60 hours of training and the possibility of joining the company with traineeship or apprenticeship contracts. The training will be provided in five editions and in various locations in the Municipality of Rome for a maximum number of 100 beneficiaries, the 50% of which will have the opportunity to access job placement courses in the company.

Project Digital Assistant profile

ll Project Digital Assistant is a flexible and proactive worker with the ability to support the project team in all phases of the project lifecycle. He's able to work with online collaboration tools and platforms, design and/or select content and services to facilitate project management activities, research and training activities, as well as implement communication and dissemination plans and strategies. Depending on the size of the company or the team in which he works, the project digital assistant can directly perform the tasks assigned by a manager/supervisor or act as a bridge between the operational and technical departments. It can easily adapt to any working environment and contribute to the implementation of project-based work activities, regardless of the socio-economic area and the topics covered.

Description of the training course

Training is provided over the course of a month and lasts 60 hours, divided into 24 hours of lectures, 20 hours of online learning and 16 hours of laboratory / work-based learning activities. The program includes the development of both digital and transversal skills, grouped into 2 main thematic areas: Collaboration and Communication. The training is aimed in particular at unemployed young people aged 18 to 40 who are entering the job market for the first time or wish to improve their level of digital competence.

Who are we looking for?

The figure we are looking for will have to be able to contribute professionally and independently to the teaching and training planning activities of one or more units of competence highlighted in green in the following table.

Area Competence unit Duration Learning Outcomes
Introduction The project life cycle and the role of the digital assistant 2 hours · Explain the structure of the project life cycle and how the different organizational roles relate to each individual phase

· Recognize the main tasks of the digital project assistant and explain the interrelationships with other organizational roles

Collaboration Effective teamwork strategies 8 hours · Be an effective team member to positively impact the quality of project related activities
Communication in the workplace 8 hours · Communicate more effectively and efficiently in the workplace
Collaborate through digital technologies 6 hours in presence


4 hours online

· Set up and manage an online collaboration space for a team or project

· Use documents and online tools for more efficient project team collaboration

· Facilitate project management with online tracking tools and teamwork

· Use the most appropriate service for smooth and stable online communication

Communication Interacting with others through digital technologies 5 hours in presence


3 hours online

· Selection of the most appropriate social media for the implementation of online communication strategies

· Create and format an online registration form

· Create online surveys in specific formats

Sharing information through digital technologies 6 hours in presence


6 hours online

· Editing and reviewing existing websites in WordPress

· Create and format an online blog article

· Publish and manage social media posts

Develop digital content 5 hours in presence


7 hours online

· Design graphic assets and select graphic assets online

· Format newsletters in specific formats

· Create visual reports and infographics

· Create engaging and interactive promotional presentations

For each edition, the contribution will be calculated on a total of 22 hours of face-to-face training (40€/h), to be carried out in two weekly sessions of 3 hours each starting from the second half of January 2020, plus a fee of 16€ /h for the preparation of the material and the online exercises.

The course will be repeated in 5 editions in the period January-April 2020. The reporting of the work performed in the context of the professional collaboration relationship will take place through the presentation of the required results and the compilation of an attendance register in which to detail the hours of frontal training and the individual activities performed.

How to send your application?

Please send an email with subject "Application Expert Digital SkillShift Adult Trainer" to no later than Friday 29 November, containing the following:

  • A cover letter of no more than one page demonstrating your willingness to accept this agreement, as well as your competence and interest in applying for training in one or more of the units of expertise listed above.
  • An up-to-date curriculum vitae in European format (
  • Confirmation that he will be able to carry out the requested work on an ongoing basis and in the absence of overlaps with any other work commitments, as well as details of any periods in which he cannot guarantee attendance in the period from January to April 2020

Selection process

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Candidate's experience and expertise in adult education in online collaboration and communication
  • Preference will be granted to members of the States General of Innovation who have demonstrated that they voluntarily contribute to the organization and promotion of the activities carried out by the association

Applicants deemed suitable will be invited to take part in a short online interview to verify the eligibility requirements. All candidates will be informed of the results of the selection process via email.


For any information, contact the treasurer Altheo Valentini (

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