Roma Smart: Utopia or Future?


On April 22, 2015 takes place in Rome at the Casa dell'Architettura il conference "Roma Smart: Utopia or Future?" on the "smart" design of the city of Rome.

Promoted and organized byCultural Association 4aus (for Architecture Urban Sustainability) withL'Order of Architects, Landscape Planners and Conservators of Rome and province, theConsult Young Architects Rome  and under the patronage of Lazio Regional Council, issues concerning strategies, policies and scenarios related to the theme of SmartCities will be addressed in the conference, reflections will be launched on the models of participation in the debate and space will be given to the presentation of proactive interdisciplinary projects for an intelligent renewal of urban centres.

The participation in the meeting of the representatives of bodies and institutions at the municipal, regional and European level, of universities, bodies and associations has the objective of strengthening thematic networks and cooperation relationships as well as identifying which are the margins within which to actually launch project proposals financeable and feasible. Among the events of the conference there is an important moment dedicated to the reflections and proposals of the pupils of some schools who have chosen to participate as active figures really involved in the debate on the cities of the future.


States General of Innovation spoke with Carlo Infante of Urban Experience, illustrating the path already started three years ago with the Rome Smart City project, a field of political and resilient co-planning, open to dozens of subjects, associations and companies and developed, in a collaborative way, starting from a wiki (with the articulation of the 4 cardinal points for a smart city: sustainable and resilient, open and transparent, participatory and sentient, connective and creative) and a launch conference at Appia Antica Park.

Over the years, a thematic road map has been developed, focusing on topics such as: Smart Working, the connective creativity for urban coworking And Shaping the Participation, focal point, the latter, of an operation on which a training action such as the one curated at Smart City Exhibition in Bologna in 2014 on Resilient strategies for participation.

The conference flyer in pdf

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