Rome, 9 June – #let's discover the cards: the method and the spirit


With the event #let's find out the cards, General States of Innovation has the ambitious aim of developing, in a participatory and creative way and in a systemic logic, a vision of the desirable future in some crucial areas of personal and collective life such as governance, resources, health, learning, work.

The day, lived in presence, will be the culmination of a preliminary phase conducted online in a participatory manner, with all the members who have been involved in the work of designing a deck of cards: the cards of innovation.

These, conceived to solicit our different intelligences, will help us to imagine, to 'divine' the future.

The June 9th, therefore, we will end up at Rome with all members who wish to, with interlocutors belonging to other innovative networks - fellow travelers in promoting and generating innovation in our country - and with some keynote speaker which will help us build frames of meaning from a sociological, economic and environmental point of view.

Combining the principles and methods ofOpen Space Technology and of Theory U, we will all be personally involved in an unconventional exploration of the various themes, facilitated by the 'games' that we will be able to play with the cards of innovation.

An opportunity not to be missed for anyone who wants to be the protagonist of a process of co-design which aims to provide political, administrative and economic decision-makers with stimuli and proposals to act in a different and better way in their fields of responsibility and to strengthen the General States of Innovation in its identity as think tanks innovation at the service of innovation in a systemic perspective.

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