Report of two weeks of preliminary examination in the Senate of the Growth 2.0 decree

The first two weeks of examination of the Growth 2.0 decree by the Budget Commission (in a consultative session, for opinions on burdens) and by the Industry Commission have passed. The examination of the merits of the amendments has not yet begun, it should be during the next week.

Not all amendments tabled on the basis of the proposals we have collected they passed unscathed by the preliminary opinions of the two Commissions.

To date, the following have received the opposite opinion from the Budget Commission because they are burdensome:

  • (art.1) the proposal for the establishment of the Consulta and a parliamentary Commission; the proposal to carry out bills through online platforms;
  • (art.4) the proposal to make the certified e-mail free for citizens;
  • (art.15) the proposal to encourage electronic commerce for micro and small businesses prepared by Assinform.

Instead, they were declared unthinkable by the Industry Commission

  • (art.14) the measures to modify the rates, aimed at favoring small communication operators, a proposal prepared by Assoprovider;
  • (art.20) the more articulated formulation of the proposal for a national digital literacy programme.

Important amendments remain standing, but there is naturally regret for important proposals that will have to find other paths and other opportunities.

It remains a decree with good provisions (open data, intelligent communities), but which on some fronts (electronic commerce, communications market) risks maintaining all its inadequacies until the end, in others (open government) continues to contain no elements of particular innovation. On the other parts that are lacking (digital literacy, start-ups) there are still possibilities for improvements.

We will continue to closely follow the (slow) progress of the examination of the decree in the Senate, hoping that the discussion on the merits will be carried out by the senators with equal attention and care.



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