Officine Italia: virtual event to design post-Coronavirus Italy 1TP5Let's start together

Transforming a global health, economic and social crisis into an opportunity to bring together young people, institutions, the public and private sectors, to collaborate in solving the enormous challenges that Italy will have to face after the emergency caused by Covid-19.

It was born with this goal Italy workshops, an initiative by a group of 50 young people, professionals and students from around the world with the ambition of making Italy "an inclusive, courageous, forward-looking country designed by young people".

States General of Innovation joins the association CRHACK LAB Foligno.

The event will take place entirely online from May 15th to May 17th 2020. This is the first virtual event of this type: a "virtual square" in which the participants will meet to share ideas and projects, to create collaborations that will serve to plan the future of our country.

Three macro areas on which they are invited to give their contribution, three challenges to which they will have to try to give solutions and answers during this virtual weekend: Beauty, Talent and Network.

The challenge of Beauty: Italy is an immense open-air museum, it has the largest cultural heritage in the world with over 3,400 museums, with about two thousand archaeological areas and parks and with 43 UNESCO sites. The current crisis has highlighted the need for innovative projects that protect and enhance this immense asset.

The Challenge of Talent: participants will think about how to identify and enhance Italian talent, through innovative training courses, technologies, new contents, development of transversal skills.

The third challenge is that of the Network and focuses on the importance of collaboration between the various protagonists of the economic-productive sector in Italy, so that innovative and sustainable investments can increase as an opportunity for growth for the entire system.

Participation in Officine Italia is open to anyone, of any age and background, already in a team or as individuals.

Registration is open on the site and will close on Sunday 10 May 2020 at 11.59pm.



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