The Garamond series “Cambiamomodel” – States General of Innovation is born

Press release

The association and the publishing house Garamond have signed an agreement for the birth of the series "Let's change the model”, curated by the association.

The main objective of the series is to create a place for discussion and proposals on the main issues related to the profound transformation that is necessary for the country's innovation and exit from the crisis.

The initiative is part of Garamond's constant commitment to supporting innovation in approaches and daily practices, starting from the world of schools.

The ebooks will also make it possible to widely disseminate the contents developed by the working groups operating within the initiative States General of Innovation: proposals, research, studies, good practices that can thus be easily used even by those who do not actively participate in the working groups and do not access the constantly evolving materials published on the association's web platform.

The release of the first eBook, broad in scope and aimed at suggesting the outlines of the strategy for Italian innovation, is already scheduled for the month of February.

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