Manifesto of the General States of Innovation for Ukraine: “We cannot be silent”

We share below the "Manifesto for Ukraine" drawn up by the Steering Council of the General States of Innovation. “We cannot remain silent” in the face of the barbarism of the ongoing war. 

States General of Innovation has among its social purposes the improvement of institutions and inclusion social, with progressive universal access to innovations social offered by digital transformation for progress partner-sustainable economic of the populations.

Not surprisingly the term social appears several times, implicitly recalling and taking for granted and acquired those prerequisites of Civility, Equity, Freedom and Justice which are the basis of civil life and the socio-economic progress of Peoples.

We therefore consider NOT being able to remain silent in the face of aggression against Ukraine. Whatever opinion one has on possible responsibilities, errors, omissions, ... of the so-called "West" in setting the premises for Russian military intervention, NOTHING can justify an armed aggression, the invasion of a sovereign territory, and the will to restore Europe a pre-Berlin Wall division into zones of influence. We want to go back many decades, to the times of the "Iron Curtain", with occupations based on the use of force that cannot be part of our civilization.

It is therefore a struggle of civilization against barbarism!

It's a fight of Truth against Misinformation and Consensus Manipulation!

It's a fight of Democracy against Autocracies and Dictatorships!

It's a fight of Freedom and Justice against Fear!

Not surprisingly, in his State of the Union address on January 6, 1941, Franklin Delano Roosevelt included among 'his' four freedoms that "every person in the world should enjoy" for a peaceful, just and inclusive society, freedom from fear. We think about having to live every single moment of the day and night with the constant fear of being bombed! Let's complain about our cities and try to improve services and performance, but let's not forget how privileged we are to have been born here and not there.

And what did we do, what credit do we have for being born here and not there? Shouldn't we be more tolerant and welcoming – even just as a mental and linguistic approach, to begin with – and consider that exaggerated nationalisms have historically always been the cause of tragic and extremely painful conflicts? “First the … ” (fill in the dots as desired with the reference people, the result does not change) is a phrase that has always been a harbinger of historical misfortunes – there is always someone Before of some other.

We are unconditionally for the free self-determination of peoples. The Ukrainian people are bearing a huge and intolerable price in a Civil Society of which we proudly feel we belong, and we also want to make our voice heard so that ALL possible tools are used to stop hostilities – avoiding unacceptable equidistances "neither with … nor with …”. We want the errors of the 1938 Munich Agreement to be avoided, which with a misunderstood pacifism in fact authorized Hitler's expansionist aims and paved the way for the Second World War. As in MeinKampfPutin has been preaching (and implementing) his contempt for the democratic values on which our society is based for years. Let us not forget other analogies from history: “who does not know it, is condemned to relive it”.

Thanks to the courage and skill of the war correspondents (often freelancing, without the protective cover of the big newspapers) we are able to see things in their tragic reality and not confused by the fake news of propaganda. Our grateful applause goes to them, to the medical-health personnel and to the volunteers who try to lend a hand to treat and assist residents and those fleeing the war.

Indiscriminate bombing of residential centres, hospitals, fleeing civilians, the use of cluster and thermo-baric bombs, ... are practices banned by international conventions, and those responsible will be referred to the Hague War Crimes Tribunal.

The war in Ukraine is not just a matter of European security. Russia's actions trample on (at least) two principles underpinning the UN Charter: (the) the sovereign equality of its member states e (ii) the prohibition of the threat or use of force in international relations. Whatever the outcome of the tragic event, it is therefore necessary irreversibly expel the top Russian government officials from civil society and their supporters, who have committed such horrendous crimes. We ask that, in addition to exemplary punishments, they are not never again admitted to the assemblies of the Civilized Nations, who reject the settlement of disputes through the indiscriminate and unscrupulous use of military force.

It is therefore crucial that we all contribute what we can to help the Ukrainian people, both with direct assistance and hospitality where possible, and with financial aid through the relevant organizations certified.

The defense of Principles and Values has a cost. We must therefore take into account and get used to a regime of energy and raw materials "austerity", which will also have a heavy impact on us, as well as on the Russian people, to whom our moral solidarity goes. It is kept in a condition of brutal repression of dissent, neutralization and physical suppression of journalists and opponents, use of unwitting conscripted boys in military operations, and subjected to sanctions due to its own government, which still enjoys broad consensus also for via the Regime's pervasive "disinformatia" - moreover supported by the more traditionalist sectors of the local religious communities.

We invite anyone who shares the considerations and exhortations reported here to join and disseminate them on their own networks, Average and whatever is useful to contribute to the cease-fire, atemergence of diplomacy and al restoration of peace among the warring parties.

Post Scriptum

We expect to know how the sanctions currently applied to Russia by the Council of the European Union will be handled in the future, which should be needed rethink required unanimity in strategic decisions. Even more relevant, it would be necessary to activate an operational reflection on the reform of operating rules of the UN Security Council.

The day after hostilities began, Russia vetoed a resolution condemning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. But 77 years after the end of 2to Is it still tolerable that one of the "Big Ones" can prevent the UN Security Council from intervening in obvious violations that criminally trample the very principles of civil coexistence on which the UN itself is based?

The UN is the only one that could intervene in defense of oppressed countries (non-NATO members), and how can it be done if the aggressors can veto resolutions that force them to desist? For example, Kenya's permanent representative to the Security Council on February 21 drew parallels between the plight of Ukraine and the "domination and oppression" faced by African states and colonial powers.
No chance to defend defenseless populations?

DOWNLOAD the pdf of the “Manifesto for Ukraine”.

The Executive Council of the States General of Innovation

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