Ideas and visions beyond the Digital Agenda: SGI's Ideascale.

How do you imagine the world in 2050? What are the digital futures that would allow us to create relevant policies in Europe?

Leave us your vision on Ideascale by Tuesday 18 September by clicking on the “New Idea” button. The four suggested categories are optional, and insights in any area are welcome. Tags will help us bring together similar ideas.

By 21 September it will be possible to vote for the visions that you consider most interesting or that you would like to be discussed. The contributions that receive the most votes will be selected for the discussion on Saturday 22 September.

Workshop at the Open Assembly of the States General of Innovation

Participants will be assigned to different work tables (max. 10 people per table), depending on the topic of interest and availability. A rapporteur will be appointed to each table, who will have the task of moderating the discussion and presenting the main points addressed by the table during the final discussion phase.

The discussion will be divided into two consecutive sessions of 20 minutes for each table. At the end of the first session, the participants will rotate from the table, with the exception of the rapporteur, who will present the theme and the results of the first discussion to the next session.


DG CONNECT of the European Commission has launched the initiative digital futures, with a twofold objective: 1) inspire future strategic choices at European level contributing to the reflection on ICT policies for the period beyond 2020; 2) promote and experience a policy-making method based on scientific evidence, anticipation, participation and engagement, both online and offline, of stakeholders from different backgrounds.

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