The DREAM project, an acronym for Digital Reality and Educational Activities in Museums, is underway

A new project is underway that promotes digital skills in school education and knowledge of cultural heritage, stimulating relationships and mutual knowledge between students and teachers of the Member States of the European Union.
Let's talk about the project DREAM extension – acronym of ddigital Reality and ANDeducational TOctivities in Museums -, funded by Erasmus+, involving 45 teachers from four different European countries, i.e Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Finland, and 900 students, 30 of whom have learning difficulties.
DREAM offers one innovative methodology to help primary school teachers strengthen digital skills key, awareness of the cultural heritage and the ability of students to express themselves, collaborating with museums and cultural organizations for the construction of “museaters”.
What are “museaters”? These are stages in augmented reality, which transform the experience of the museum visit into a "museo-theatrical performance", i.e. a transcultural participatory event.
States General of Innovation represents the Italian partner of the project, with the coordination of Paul Russo, creator of the “museaters” methodology.
In the following articles we will deepen the various aspects of the project, #StayTuned!

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