DREAM: in Italy the first “Museatral” performance that reinvents the museum experience

An important new appointment by the team of DREAM – Digital Reality and Educational Activities in Museums, the European project that proposes and promotes a new way of living the museum experience and knowledge of cultural heritage by creating "Museum performances" which, by combining Museum, Theater and digital technologies, aim to involve the public in an innovative way.

The European partners of Croatia, Portugal and Finland met in Italy, in Mestre, with the Italian staff of States General of Innovation to deepen the DREAM methodology, work on the museum performance and plan future actions.

The meeting took place in a special place, at M9 – Museum of the '900, which apbelongs to a new generation of museums: pfor the first time, a exhibition place tells in a compelling way the twentieth century, defined by the historian Eric Hobsbawm The Stecolo short”, which has seen big and small changes, from the evolution of daily life to social, economic, environmental and cultural changes. A space in which tcutting-edge technologies e installations immersiveAnd they help visitors learn about the past, understand the present and imagine the future.

We asked Paul Russo, Italian coordinator of the project for the General States of Innovation, to tell us about this experience of the DREAM team at an Italian museum: «It was a very stimulating partnership meeting that allowed us to co-design the first international and inter-museum museum performance. That is, a museum performance where the contents are made available to the main museum, in this case to the Finnish partner Places Museum of Tampere, by the other partners to create a coherent narrative which therefore has as its main narrative line the one linked to the postal service, which is the object of the Posti Museum, integrated with insights on professions, on safety at work, which come from material available at other museums. For example, mail was delivered by ship and the Maritime Museum provided us with background materials to compare the extreme precariousness of transport by ship and by boat of Finnish volunteer postmen with an organized crew, to explain the risks at work and the 'high mortality that occurred'.

This was the main focus of the meeting, i.e. the practical application of the DREAM methodology, which was followed by a space for reflection and discussion dedicated to exploring both the possibilities for continuing and disseminating the partnership and the project at European level, and the methods of involving schools with the presentation of new projects.

For more information aboutthe project dREAM, consult the yesto www.dream-project.eu

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