“DREAM: first museater trials at the Postimuseo in Tampere”

The Erasmus plus project comes to life DREAM extension, acronym of Digital Reality and Educational Activities in Museums, which promotes digital skills in school education and knowledge of cultural heritage, stimulating relationships and mutual knowledge between students and teachers of the European Union States. Four European countries involved: Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Finland.
“The project aims to create immersive experiences of edutainment and quality open educational resources, thanks to the collaboration with the museums involved, with the aim of stimulating students to create a sort of transnational digital museum through European intercultural thematic itineraries", explain the promoters, among which States General of Innovation.
Last February, the second face-to-face meeting between the teams of the various participating countries was held in Finland, with the aim of training 12 trainers - 2 for each partner - to operate as tutors for the course for first-cycle school teachers.
They were days of intense activity and exchange of ideas and knowledge: the first day of the DREAM mission in Finland, in the city of Tampere, was dedicated to the presentation of the Training Toolkit, conceived and produced by Mapas das Ideias.
Afternoon tour of the Vapriikki Museum Complex and the POSTIMUSEUM, a specialized museum founded in 1926, presenting the history of the Finnish postal service.
The second day was dedicated to deepening the DREAM methodology and the preparation of good performances museums thanks to the guide Paul Russo, Italian coordinator of the project for the General States of Innovation.
Russo then guided the participants to a second visit to the POSTIMUSEO, helping them to observe and identify the possible elements of interest of the museum heritage, to be enhanced and used to create scenes museums. A concrete and very effective example of how to use the DREAM method. Based on what they had learned, the groups put themselves to the test and created their own museum performance in the various rooms of the museum.
The last day space for the exhibition of the various performances created by the individual teams! A training course that led to the highlighting of both critical points and elements for improvement; furthermore the partner CTK Rijeka presented the design of the platform.
Another important step was held in March: during the online TPM, the status of the two outputs (IO2- Museater an integrated digital open edutainment platform for DREAM Educators and IO3- DREAM course for primary school teachers) was reviewed and the next important deadlines.
The next appointment with the project is in April 2022, when the course for primary school teachers.


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