Culture “future participle”. Brainstorming with Diculther at the University of Siena

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notes from the open talk on the digital enhancement of cultural heritage

busy day atUniversity of Siena, that of 14 May 2015, opened by a talk with speeches by the Rector Angelo Riccaboni, the Mayor of Siena Bruno Valentini, Carmine Marinucci (coordinator of Digital Cultural Heritage, Arts and Humanities – DiCultHer) and Irene Pivetti (President of Only Italia) who presented Expo Aquae Venice 2015 , an area where a speech by DiCultHer is expected soon. In that context, a strategic concept emerged: the word culture was born in the Latin language come “future participle”. It means that it is in progress… In this sense it is crucial to contemplate the incidental value of digital innovation as a driving force for new cultural planning and not just as a technological function. Important, speaking of perspectives, the presentation of the S.ChiaraLab, an urban coworking space that will take place in October in the homonymous college of the University of Siena, an area in which to bring together the new production sensitivities for the cultures of innovation (see the University statement). The brainstorming was attended by dozens (more than eighty registered) of operators in the cultural sector, designers and experts of the cultures of innovation who met in the open talk divided into three main focuses, already introduced on the platform of the States General of Innovation: The digital enhancement of cultural heritageThe design of the interactive experienceThe cultural initiative for social innovation and experiential tourism. Before starting the brainstorming of the open talks, a radio-walkshow, a playful-participatory format of Urban Experience, functional to dynamize the conversation between the participants (in this storify find traces of the exploration done with the students the day before). The open talks have developed, starting from the position papers already launched for online discussion, a close comparison that can be detected by the specific storify: the one, introduced by Germano Paini of the University of Turin on digital enhancement; that, set up by Patrizia Marti of the University of Siena, coordinator of the whole day, on the interactive experience design  and that, shaken by Carlo Infante of Urban Experience-General States of Innovation, on thecultural initiative for social innovation and experiential tourism . In another storify other images and tweets (hundreds) are collected that reconstruct that one day long brainstorming. More tracks of the day on GoNews, SienaFree, Antenna Radio.


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