Appointments and news: update of 03/21/2018

Appuntamenti e News

We remind you of the March appointments. There are still a few days to sign up for our coaching circles for #AllDigitalWeek

  • Asti, starting from 3 March c/o the great hall of the IISS. “G. Quill": 3rd cycle of conferences "Scienze di Primavera" by CDS – Science Dissemination Center “G. Quill and our partner Sabrina Gamba. The first appointment is with Prof. Carlo Alberto Redi, biologist and geneticist of the University of Pavia. The next appointments will be: Saturday April 14th with Dr. Andrea Vico (journalist and trainer) and Dr. Elisa Papa (psychologist) against Cyberbullying and social pathologies related to social networks; Saturday May 5th with Prof. Giulio Senes (professor at the University of Milan and green architect in therapeutic gardens); Saturday May 19th Dr. Michele Bellingeri (researcher collaborating with the well-known Prof. Davide Cassi in Gastronomic Physics and Molecular Cuisine). For info and reservations
  • aMAre legge– Children's literature festival on the sea (VI edition) March 17-20 event, which will take place on board a cruise ship en route Civitavecchia-Barcelona-Civitavecchia, offers a program of activities featuring meetings with writers, writing workshops, photography and journalism courses, film screenings and shows. Emma Pietrafesa will present the bookBullies and cyberbullies: that's enough!" (EPC publisher) and the workshop "I thought it was an app, but instead..." on the conscious use of digital.
  • European ALL DIGITAL week March 19-25: States General of Innovation – thanks to Altheo Valentini SGI partner and board member of ALL DIGITAL – will participate with a series of online coaching circles. The initiative is open to all organizations and individuals who intend to promote any type of event (seminars, workshops, webinars, etc.) focused on two main objectives:

Strengthen trust in technology developing critical thinking and media literacy (including awareness of and fight against fake news, hate speech and social media abuse)

Develop a lifelong learning approach to improve digital skills in an ever-changing and increasingly digital-oriented economy.

  • Petrella Tifernina (CB) 24 March at 4.30pm: as part of the conference "San Giorgio and its stones narrated through new technologies", the partners Dante Occhibove and Giovanni Piscolla, present a 3D restitution work of the capitals of the church of San Giorgio Martire in Petrella Tifernina and immersive virtual tours of three Romanesque churches in Molise: San Giorgio Martire in Petrella Tifernina, Santa Maria della Strada in Matrice, Faifoli in Montagano.

Stay tuned! 

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