SGI at the first INFRATEL Datathon: here's how it went

Datathon SINFI

On the 19th and 20th of October it took place in Rome Datathon, the first ideas marathon for developing new database features SINFI,  the National Federated Information System of Infrastructures.
The event was organized by Ministry of Economic Development, in collaboration with Infratel Italy, the company that has been contracted by the Italian Government to implement the Italian strategy for ultra-broadband, and the team of Talent Garden (which hosted the participants at the brand new Roman headquarters of Via Ostiense).

SGI has been following the work of SINFI for some time. You can find the latest contribution by Fulvio Ananasso And Sergio Farruggia on the publication on 30 April 2019 entitled "Network register: functional requirements and operating procedures for system management". 

We have also arranged organized a webinars  with AM/FM GIS Italy with the aim of illustrating the process of population and implementation of the SINFI.

The Datathon was born from the need to bring together, in a large participatory event, competent and diversified professional figures to develop innovative solutions and prototypes capable of enhancing the data collected by SINFI with respect to the mapping of all the underground and aboveground infrastructures present throughout Italy 

Specifically, the requested prototypes could respond to one of the following areas:

  1. create new functions for the external user, also in comparison with other similar Webgis used by Municipalities or Metropolitan Cities; 
  2. provide a high added value to all SINFI partner companies that join the project and collaborate in populating this system;
  3. test the levels of IT security and propose improvements in order to increase the level of protection; 
  4. reusability and readability of the source code and management aspects for improvement.

About 40 participants including students, industry professionals, developers and others responded to the call serial visitors of hackathons who, from 9.30 on Saturday to 18.30 on Sunday, worked on the design of innovative solutions for the exploitation of the data collected in the SINFI database.

Supporting the teams in their design marathon were Talent Garden mentors (including our partner Paola Santoro representing SGI) who gave a hand to the teams on methodologies, tools and processes to follow, and by Infratel consultants who made their knowledge and technical skills available. 

After the presentation of the project he saw on stage Marco Beauty, Legal adviser for communications and innovation of the Minister of Economic Development, and for Infratel the Head of SINFI Pietro Abbati Marescotti, the Head of the Tender Planning and Management Function Paul Rope and the General Manager Eng. Salvatore Lombardo, we immediately moved on to forming 7 teams. 

During the two days, each group started from a specific area of expertise, mapping its processes and identifying gaps, critical issues and possible developments.
Once the resources were collected, potential solutions were identified which were classified on the impact and feasibility variables. Once the relevant solution was identified, we proceeded to develop all its process phases and implement the project's value proposition up to the construction of a sustainable business model. 

At the end of the work, each team presented an elevator pitch to the judging commission represented by the promoters of the Datathon: MISE, Infratel and Talent Garden Innovation School.

The projects presented saw various solutions including:

a platform that selects the optimal installation paths, a unique system for permitting based on configurable shared rules that uses artificial intelligence, two algorithms for the assisted remediation of both existing and incoming data, a digital platform to standardize procedures and save excavation costs, a prediction system for maintenance by collecting data from Lora sensors, a SINFI user interface with new features for loading data in shape format and, finally, the winning project entitled YesNFI.

YesNFI And a solution for the automation and optimization of projects to be deposited within the SINFI database which provides for the interoperation between 3 levels of data, those of the municipalities, the existing infrastructures and the project that arrives from the institution.

The project (you can find it here) was developed by the team “Dajescientist” made up of students from Roma Tre, Paolo Gentile, Alessandro Flaborea and Luca Franco.

The students thus received the task of developing the proposed idea in a laboratory environment for a total all-inclusive fee of 10,000 euros.

Congratulations to these young guys from all of us at SGI!


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