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#SavetheDate: 14 May 2019, 12:00

AM/FM GIS Italy And States General of Innovation, associations that collaborate on relevant innovative themes of the geographic information, intend to promote the SINFI in order to contribute to its more widespread and extensive use, contributing to the population and implementation phase initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Economic Development, MISE, currently underway.

With this in mind, they proposed a INFRATEL Italy SpA, society in house to the Ministry of Economic Development, which, among other things, is entrusted with the management of the SINFI, and ad ANCI And UTILITY, subjects most representative of the categories of operators involved, to organize this seminar together online.

The webinars has the objective of illustrating the issues concerning the process of population and implementation of the SINFI, and is specifically dedicated to the subjects of the so-called Internal Areas: local authorities, providers and infrastructure managers, as well as geomatics professionals operating within those territories.

The program of webinars was defined in close collaboration with the invited experts. Each speaker, bearing in mind the role of his organization with respect to the SINFI development phase in progress, will present to the various categories of operators involved the set of methodological and procedural elements deemed essential to intervene adequately, also in connection with the training initiative of the "SINFI Delegate" in each large area of the country.

Event schedule

12:00   Reception and presentation of the initiative

Coordinator: Calogero Ravenna, AM/FM GIS Italy
Rapporteur: Sergio Farruggia, States General of Innovation

        The legislative process


The SINFI: the first national cadastre of infrastructures. Benefits for operators of utilities and municipalities – Pietro Abbati Marescotti, INFRATEL Italy

The populating activity of the SINFI is in full swing. With reference to the state of the art regarding this phase, the functionalities of the system available both for operators and for public administrations will be illustrated. In this context, the role of the Wide Area Coordinator fits in, a figure introduced to favor coordination between the SINFI technical structure of Infratel and the Municipalities of the reference territory.
The next planned actions, the modalities defined for their development and the interested parties will also be presented.
The intention is therefore to provide the general framework of the SINFI platform through the description of the functions in use and the expected evolutions, with hints on the possible further evolutions of the system.

The development of the SINFI seen by the Distributors – Francesco Vitolo, UTILITALIA

Developments of legal obligations by the Operators managing technological networks called to the first data population of the SINFI. Comparison between the different levels of development of data models in the georeferencing of water and energy networks as well as the developments of the AgID standardization of institutional data exchange in relations between Operators and public bodies.

Municipalities and SINFI: opportunities and skills – Mauro Savini, ANCI

The Municipalities play a double role within the SINFI: as suppliers of relevant data and as users of the information relating to their territory contained within the system. An aspect, the latter, which can greatly support the government action of the territory. In order for this to happen, however, a widespread information action and technical assistance tools for administrative action are needed that can allow local authorities to better manage the georeferenced data.

12:55   Final questions

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Presentation of the speakers

Pietro Abbati Marescotti. He has developed process innovation projects with the support of new technologies in various fields (Telco, Government, Pharma, HoReCa, HR), maintaining a particular expertise on highly innovative international projects with stakeholders geographically distributed. For over 18 years he has participated in and led global innovation and diffusion developments.
From the beginning of 2017 he launched the SINFI project in Infratel Italia, structuring the processes for data collection, the involvement of the interlocutors and adopting the best practices from similar cases in Italy and in the rest of the world. For the technological system, he made use of the support already defined prior to taking office.
In addition to the ITelco industry, in which he has gained multiple experiences in Italy and abroad, since 2013 he has also been an active contributor to the tourism sector incoming, always accompanying and guiding the evolutions and trends of the sector.

Francis Vitolo. Utilitalia contact person on technical regulatory aspects regarding management issues of technological networks and measurement systems.

Mauro Savini. Graduated with specialization in Public Administration, for over 15 years he has been involved in programs and projects related to the digital agenda. He has been working in ANCI since 2009, where he is the contact person for digital infrastructures, productive activities and youth policies, dealing with municipal projects financed with the National Fund for Youth Policies. He represents the ANCI and the Municipalities in various institutional committees relating to smart communities. He is also part of the staff of PUBLICA – School for young administrators, a national training initiative aimed at Mayors and local administrators under 36.

Webinar video

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