Workshop on Europeana, the large digital library that promotes European cultural heritage

Appointment Tuesday 5th October, at 9, with the workshops “Storing and collecting to promote cultural heritage”, which will describe the format of Europeana, a good European practice in the field of digital culture, will explain how to best use this tool for educational activities, also introducing its format to the Asian community.

The event will be held online on the Zoom platform, registration is until October 4, at the following links.

Organized by EGIna and held by Altheo Valentini, President of the Europeana Educational Community, the event is presented by DPECH – Digital Preservation and Education of Cultural Heritage, a cross-continental Euro-Asian community created to connect and create future collaborations between researchers, policy makers, designers, cultural operators, educators working in research and design of digital humanities, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage through technology digital. A virtual bridge between Europe and Asia, a place of exchange and meeting along the Silk Road.

The Europeana web platform ( and the European digital library, brings together digitized contributions from different institutions of the member countries of the European Union, in about thirty languages. A vast archive of European cultural heritage materials and collections including books, films, works of art, newspapers, maps, manuscripts, photographic material and much more. A resource very important for education, research, dissemination, a valuable tool for creating connections between countries and cultures, helping to create a truly European society and culture. “Europeana supports the cultural heritage sector in its digital transformation by developing skills, tools and policies to embrace the changes of the digital world and encourage collaborations that foster innovation”.


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