Spending review, the government also resorts to open data

open movement. For the promoters of open data, a movement that has grown a lot in Italy in recent years, the decision is a step in the right direction. “Definitely an appreciable initiative”, says Vittorio Alvino, creator ofOpenParliament, a site that uses public data to make the activity of the Chamber and Senate more transparent. “I don't have the expertise to say whether those specific data are sufficient to allow for an in-depth analysis of our country's public spending, but the move to make them available is the right one and the formats and licenses adopted are correct. Let's hope we continue on this path." Also satisfied Flavia Marzano, president of the States General of Innovation, which he had a few days ago desired a greater openness of Italian spending data: “Excellent first step. Transparency and open data are a pre-condition for an effective fight against waste. Even if, it must be remembered, by themselves they do not guarantee any results”. As for the General Accounting Office, for now, it does not say whether a similar decision will also concern the other data deposited in its computer archives, but it does not deny it either. “I can't comment on the general strategy. In the meantime, let's enjoy this beginning, then we'll see”, says Aline Pennisi, manager of the Accounting Department who followed the publication of the information on Data.Gov.it.


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