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Stati Generali dell'Innovazione

On the initiative of the States General of Innovation, civil society met on 19 February 2020 (Chamber of Deputies - Sala della Regina) to prepare a Manifesto (basic programmatic guidelines) for the Regions and Municipalities in which the 2021 administrative elections will be held .

That meeting kicked off a path, which continued not without difficulty, caused by the Cov-19 pandemic, however also learning useful lessons induced by this tragic experience for the community and people.

The 2YES Manifesto proposed to the candidates of the autumn 2021 electoral consultation is as topical as ever and the issues brought to attention are now indifferent, as the tragic experience of the pandemic has taught us. Therefore, this tool is once again proposed to candidates who present themselves for the new administrative cycle of Territorial and Local Authorities. If elected, they undertake to carry out interventions on the themes indicated by the Manifesto, measuring their impact and giving evidence to the citizens of the actions undertaken and the results achieved.

The Manifesto is based on 2YES: Sustainability – Innovation and Social Innovation and has been divided into eight themes:

  1. Simplification and Transparency in the PA: Openness, Transparency, Simplification, Agile Work, Gender and Participatory Social Reporting, Training
  2. Integrated welfare: for subsidies for families, the elderly and the needy, gender issues (STEM training)
  3. Cultural growth, school and training: inclusion and digital literacy
  4. Infrastructure, land use, environment and sustainable mobility: fight against climate change, safeguarding biodiversity, urban reforestation, sustainable waste management and circular economy
  5. Energy and renewables: reduction of CO2 emissions, plants from renewable sources, promoting investments in innovative energy infrastructures
  6. Digital Twin for smart cities/communities: smart cities and territories together; geospatial technologies and data;
  7. Open source ethics (reuse and free software): open standards, "Free" School
  8. Private Public Partnership (PPP): training, infrastructure, sustainable and resilient growth, co-governance, digital divide, safer, resilient, sustainable, inclusive territories

The particularity and specificity of the Manifesto is in the process through which the themes have been identified and declined in the individual points:

  • the first step was to identify needs at national, territorial and local level and represent them in order of relevance and priority for civil society;
  • the second was to verify how these needs can contribute to the achievement of the 17 Goals of the 2030 Agenda that our country signed up to in 2015; in fact, in the Manifesto, next to each point, the number of Goals and specific Targets to which one contributes through the indicated actions has been indicated (which of the 17 objectives/Goals and which of the 169 sub-objectives/Targets)

Application form for the 2Yes Manifesto

Those who adhere to the Manifesto by bringing ideas and/or improvements to the points of this Manifesto - as well as those who are committed to defining the issues, will work to disseminate it and - where necessary - support future directors in its implementation will have joined by communicating using the form at this link:

Ebook Manifesto 2 Yes

With the material collected in recent months, the drafters of the 2SÌ Manifesto have elaborated a ebooks, a useful guide for adhering to the themes of the manifesto and for developing concrete proposals during the next administrative cycle.

Video interviews

Finally, by clicking on the link below, you can access the video interviews made on the occasion of the presentation of the Manifesto "2Yes for Regions and Municipalities”, which took place on 19 February 2020 in the Sala della Regina of the Chamber of Deputies in Rome.

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