SGI: Tomorrow, March 16, 2012, the first meeting of the Consulta. Here are the speeches.

On Friday, March 16th, the first meeting from the Consult Permanent of Innovation, organized by the States General of Innovation. The meeting will be held in Rome, from 09.00 to 13.30, at the Congress Center of the Department of Communication and Social Research of Sapienza University, in via Salaria 113.

Chairman of the permanent discussion table, and support for mediation and concertation on strategies and policies for the development of innovation in Italy, will be Mario Calderini, adviser by Minister Profumo for Research and Innovation Policies.
Interventions are planned Franco Accordino And Mario Campolargo from the European Commission, Corrado Ghirardelli, representative UPI extension and councilor for Province of Brescia, Robert Reggi, representative of theANCI and mayor of Piacenza, Mario DalCo, general manager Agency for the Diffusion of Technologies for Innovation, Charles Flamment, president Formez, Paul Gentiloni, PD, Linda Lanzillotta, bees, Antonio Palmieri, PDL, Flavia Perina, FLI, Vincent Maria Vita ,PD, Dino Bortolotto, president assoprovider, Paul Angelucci, president Assinform, Michele Ficara Manganelli, president Assodigitale, Peter Berrettoni, president FIDAInform.

Experts on innovation issues such as  Arthur of Corinth, president Free Hardware Foundation, Stefania Di Serio, directive Pink current, Alfonso Fuggetta, CEO CEFRIEL, Stephen Quintarelli, director of the Digital Area – 24 hour group, Michael Half, journalist RAI, Laura Sartori, University of Bologna, Umberto Croppi, director of the Value Italy Foundation, Simon Salvi , OtherTV, Cesare Brizio, PloneGov Italy, Philip Rich, CIS PiedmontBruno KroppCONSIP.

Speeches by members of the steering Committee of the association, the director of Key4biz Raphael Barberio, the founder of DemoTe, Sergio Bellucci, the president of Liber Liber, Marco Calvo, the president of ManagerNoProfit, Bruno Conte, the president of urban experienceCharles Infante, the president of ToscanaIn Eugene Leone, manager Glocus – Innovation Area, Charles Mary Medal, the president of Innovators, Massimo Melica, the vice president of AICA-Rome, Michael Missikoff, the president of ForumPA, Carlo Mochi Sismondi, the scientific director of the Digital World Foundation Alfonso Molina, the president of AURIS Gianni Orlandi, Lorenzo Orlando of the CATTID – La Sapienza University of Rome, the member of the program committee of IGF Italy Antonella Giulia Pizzaleo, the president of theInstitute for Innovation Policy, Guido Scorza, the General Manager of Vegas Park Michael Vianellothe president of the association Flavia Marzano and the vice president Nello Iacono.

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