[Road to #let's discover the cards 9 June]: what are the cards of innovation


Paolo Russo, secretary of the States General of Innovation, tells us what the Innovation Cards which we will use on June 9 in Rome.


"Do you remember the e-book"The Words of Innovation“? We have decided to support it with a complementary product: “Le Carte dell'Innovazione”. 

The first cards we will present and use during the June 9 event #let's discover the cards.

Why these cards?

Definitions and books are very useful for sharing the painstakingly codified knowledge on a topic with those who know less. However, by…definition they are of little help to the exploration of the still undefined itself. 
Whoever enters an unknown continent needs a good compass much more than maps of the known lands he leaves behind. 
Hence the decision to take the words of the book and create cards from them, similar to tarot cards, which serve to stimulate reflection on important topics for the world of innovation. Each card contains an inspiring image and an evocative phrase about a word. 
Not only. The card itself is a door that gives access in augmented reality to other images, sensations, thoughts that emerged from the minds and hearts of the people who participated in the generative dialogue of the coaching circle which we have conducted in recent months precisely to explore these words that seem so important to us from different angles. All this freely offered as a tool to stimulate thought and reflection.
Furthermore, digital is beautiful, but physicality also has its reason. Cards can be played on a table in many different patterns to stimulate alternative approaches to thinking, forcing oneself to interpret the random sequences of output. It is a fun as well as useful exercise.

We look forward to seeing you on 9 June at the Appia Antica Park to play our cards together for the first time.” 

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