The professional profile of Geographic Information Manager has been proposed to UNINFO


States General of Innovation forwarded to UNINFO, as part of the public inquiry launched for the Unregulated professional activities - Professional profiles for ICT - Part 3: Professional profiles related to professionals operating on the Web (Project code: E14D00033), the proposal for the professional profile of the new figure of Geographic Information Manager.

Digital geographical data have taken on a new value, in addition to that linked to the description of the territory, its natural characteristics and human activities. In fact, they also play a strong role as connector and aggregator of other data sources, a function that is now indispensable for creating and sharing new information and knowledge on the Web. This role should be considered above all in perspective, linking it to the extensive use of geographic data in the context of rapidly developing technologies: a phenomenon that can be traced back to the emerging internet paradigm of Everything.

The processes of creation of intelligent communities are the arena within which this other fruit of the effects of the digital revolution on the world of geographical data is already manifesting itself.

Under such complex processes, from the many and diverse stakeholders, the new professional figure of the Geographic Information Manager finds its most ambitious and profitable location, to contribute to the evolution of management of geographical data, increasingly based on interconnected data infrastructures, according to distributed models e smart, i.e. efficient for the production and rational use of the geographical data themselves.

The presentation of the professional profile of the GIM to UNINFO follows the invitation received on the occasion of the public presentation of the GIM, which took place on June 18th held at the Link Campus University of Rome, in the presence of the Agency for Digital Italy.

Remember that all information on the GIM and access to all tools (mailing list, channels social) to follow and contribute to the development of this new profession are available on dedicated site, created by the editorial staff of the geoblog MUCH.

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