It is necessary to convert the Growth 2.0 decree into law

It is unthinkable that in a moment of crisis like the current one, even the few useful provisions on the subject of the Digital Agenda that are contained in the Growth 2.0 decree that has just been approved by the Senate are lost.

It is not the Digital Agenda we hoped for, but it would be a sign of serious irresponsibility to frustrate those positive efforts which can in any case bring important benefits to our country. You can't start from scratch. Italy cannot wait any longer.

We are particularly keen on some of the measures because in recent months we have also seen our proposals being implemented: on the forecast of a strategic plan for the Digital Agenda, which is still missing, on the population registry, on the overall issue of open data and reuse , on the provision of a plan for the implementation of mandatory teleworking for all administrations, on intelligent communities.

As we reported in joint press release with IWA and Roma StartUp much more could have been done, and some serious shortcomings risk making various provisions unfeasible and the Digital Agenda ineffective (I am thinking of electronic commerce, digital literacy, market regulation of communications operators, start-ups).

But making the decree void and throwing everything overboard is foolish. The hope is that President Monti will also include this conversion into law as one of the essential actions. And that the Chamber show awareness of the importance of this step.


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