Make(a futu)r(e)s!

After Happy Birthday Web, the second Capitoline meeting presented by Riccardo Luna touches theRoman Aquarium. Appointment for all Makers, 'World Wide Rome', is dedicated to the network economy and to the new digital craftsmen and creatives.

Last Friday, the event, organized by Tecnopolo Spa and Asset Camera, a special agency of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, brought together all the men involved in the web: artisans, managers, entrepreneurs, professionals: 28 speakers between Italians and foreigners, in particular the young makers, who consider the Net the bet of the future. People who "make" the new industrial revolution. Pieces of the economy daughter of the logic of the internet. Not only nerds, makers are innovators and visionaries, digital writers of the Italian manufacturing industry.

Testimonies, those of Friday 9 March, which gave a boost of enthusiasm to the daily stories of a blocked Italian economy. From Massimo Banzi, inventor of 'Arduino', an open source hardware, a software, but above all a working method, to Enrico Dini, the Italian pioneer of this discipline.

Not only that, there were also Kent's Strapper 3D printers, the technological fabrics produced by in Tuscany, the connection and integration systems between different technologies developed at the CRS4 in Cagliari, the openwear fashion proposed by Zoe Romano.

Without to forget Chris Anderson, chief editor of the American version of Wired, who shared the traits of an industrial revolution within everyone's reach.

For those wishing to get an idea of the discussions enlivened by World Wide Rome, we point out the Twitter down payment of l'Inkiesta.

The event was so successful that it deserved the compliments of Minister Passera, who organized an informal meeting of about an hour the next day, with Chris Anderson (director of Wired USA), Dale Dougherty (founder of Make Magazine) and Massimo Banzi, Italian entrepreneur and author of multiple open source software.

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