The Istituto Dati Aperti urges the government: "Ask Google, Apple and Uber to share map data"

With pleasure, we welcome the post of our vice president Sergio Farruggia who invites us to reflect on the availability of open geospatial data and the development of new technologies.

The post was published on the Medium platform, to which we refer for full reading.


The prestigious national institute "Dati Aperti" recently advised our government to invite private giants of digital cartography (e.g. Google, Apple and Uber) to share their databases with public authorities, so that they can contribute together to the development of technologies such as driverless cars and home deliveries by drone. In addition, the same institute has called on the government to completely open Earth Observation data collected and managed by public sector organizations, so that anyone can access and share them.

In the report (Our country's geospatial data infrastructure: challenges and opportunities ) published in this glimpse of the end of 2018, the Istituto Dati Aperti, IDA, has formulated this recommendation: "National cartographic agencies and other public bodies they should react to the increasingly pervasive role played in the field of acquisition, aggregation and management of geospatial data by the multinationals of the net economy”. According to IDA, they are now collecting geospatial data "rapidly and on a large scale", even though it is often considered by institutional circles as "data hoarding".

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