Innovation in Made in Italy Agri-food

Innovation in Italy is certainly not associated only with the IT sector. On the contrary. Our companies and our research centers are at the forefront of technologies related to the agri-food sector. Which is not surprising given our passion for food and the millennial culture we can boast.

In this regard, two important workshops will be held in Puglia in the coming days, organized by ARTI, the Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation, in the context of the "Made in Italy Agro-food" event, included in the celebrations organized by the CNR for the 150th of the unification of Italy.

The first date is Thursday September 22nd starting at hours 10.00, at the Hall of Frescoes of the University of Bari (Palazzo Ateneo, Piazza Umberto I, 1), with the workshop entitled "The gifts of science in the Apulian agri-food sector - Strategic projects and exploratory research projects in the agri-food sector are presented to Puglia", organized byPolicy Area for Economic Development, Employment and Innovation from the Puglia region, L'ARTS and the Give – Regional Agri-food District.

The seminar aims to present the most significant results and experiences of the strategic and exploratory projects of the Puglia Region in the agri-food sector, also through the testimonies of the entrepreneurs who participated in the research and the stories of the young researchers involved in the projects.

The second appointment is on Friday September 23rd starting at hours 10.00 to Bari, at the Murat Hall (in Piazza del Ferrarese), with the corner desk “Stories of (extra)ordinary innovation. Beyond tradition: researchers, inventors of patents and entrepreneurs of young innovative companies in the Apulian agri-food sector tell their own story", organized byARTS on behalf ofPolicy Area for Economic Development, Employment and Innovation from the Puglia region (in the context of ILO2 project  he was born in Innovation Festival). On this occasion, the testimonies of scholars, researchers, patent inventors and young entrepreneurs will alternate startupsspin off and innovative companies, which have succeeded in the "enterprise" of innovating tradition, also through the support of regional policies.

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