Innovation at the service of agri-food: present and future

The president of the General States of Innovation Fulvio Ananasso joins the "National Forum on the Digital Transition” at the invitation of the CGIL Deputy Secretary General Gianna Fracassi. The Forum counts among its members professionals, academics, managers and experts who - in various capacities - deal with digital, with the aim of creating opportunities for discussion and the elaboration of analyzes and proposals that focus on technologies and innovation as factors of economic and social development.

The Forum will operate within the CGIL Development Area and will be coordinated by Cinzia Maiolini, Head of the Syndicate 4.0 Project, in line with the work done in recent years by the CGIL on the many issues related to bargaining and the effects of Digital Transformations.

In this regard, President Ananasso will participate as a speaker at the conference "Innovation at the service of agri-food – present and future”, in which he will talk about the Digital Transformation in the Agro-Food sector.

The conference will be held in Borgiallo (TO) on December 2, 2022 (10-13 hours).

Click HERE to see the flyer with the complete programme. Free admission.

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