The initiative of the Charter of Intent for Innovation and the conference of 4 February

The initiative of Charter of intent for Innovation is enjoying exceptional acclaim. I'm on Saturday morning 68 candidates have expressed their support and affirmed their commitment to support the ten priorities of the Charter. Another interesting fact is that, thanks to the WISTER, Women for Intelligent and Smart TERritories mailing list, the news spread among the candidates who are now 29 (percentage much higher than the percentage of women candidates in the various lists).

And it is relevant and exceptional that candidates are from ALL policy areas: Centre-right, Centre-left, FARE Stop the decline, List Monti, Five Star Movement, Civil Revolution. Certainly some not on all points, but it is important that everyone so wanted share the need to place innovation and digital at the heart of the strategy for the future of Italy.

The February 4th at the Better Late Than Never Conference. The innovation agenda for the future of Italy, at the CNR in Rome, many of them (in presence but also by connecting remotely) will affirm and articulate their commitment on this issue.

But February 4 can only be a stage in an ambitious path aimed at ensuring that those priorities can become the common platform on innovation on which to define the work agenda of the next parliament. The 4 will be useful for sharing ways to continue to put sensitivity, energy and skills into common factor.

A fundamental conference which will also be characterized by the morning debate on the state of the Italian Digital Agenda and next steps.

In order to disseminate the ten programmatic priorities of the Charter of Intent for Innovation, we have also decided to agree to participate, where we will be invited, in the various conferences that will be held between now and the elections, in order to affirm their strategic importance and broaden sharing both among future parliamentarians and regional councilors and among all other citizens.

So we start from the Conference of 4 February. And it doesn't end there.

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