Open letter to the newly elected Mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino

Dear Mayor

first of all we wish to congratulate you on your election, and at the same time we invite you to consider innovation policies a priority of your program by including among the first acts of the new junta a regulatory plan for "Rome smart city" which aims to improve the quality of life of citizens, the conditions of the urban environment, the relationship with the public administration and the opportunities for the Roman community to be protagonists. Through a strategy that favors the modernization of services thanks to digital media and access to the network in public spaces, rediscovering the value of creativity as a lever for change, establishing centers for competitive innovation in business districts. A strategy for a Rome that is sustainable and resilient, open and transparent, participatory and collaborative, connective and creative.

As the Stati Generali dell'Innovazione Association, to promote an organic and innovative idea of a "smart" city, we have promoted the Rome Smart City project committee, with which we have already organizedSeptember 2012 an interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder work meeting at the Appia Antica Park. A project that was born with the aim of aggregating and comparing the initiatives underway on this front, the experiences already achieved over the years, and thus connect the main stakeholders of the metropolitan city (associations - social, cultural, professional, entrepreneurial, professional , schools, universities, research centres, companies), leading them to share an approach, a working method and participatory planning. To date, dozens of organizations operating in the Roman area have joined and participated in the initiative, such as ForumPA, La Sapienza University - Cattid, Aif Lazio, La Nuova Ecologia, Retecamere, Biennale public space, Order of architects, Transition Town, Corviale Domani, Testaccio Platform, Urban Experience, Informatici Senza Frontiere, AITA and Unacittà.

After that meeting we realized the Agenda for Rome SMART (where the acronym stands for Sustainable Mobile Enabling Resilient Transparent”) which we have placed as the basis of a discussion that was held on May 13 at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome with the various alignments and which found important convergences, as well as among the exponents of its Civic List, also among the exponents of the M5S and the Marchini and Medici Lists. We believe that convergence was not a convenience or a facade, but rather substantial and profound, reflected by the convergences on these issues also in the programmes.

We are convinced that the "Roma SMART" to be developed is one in which the high cultural offer meets its demand, promoting the active and conscious participation of citizens thanks to the interactive use of communication networks, activating the new of value” expressed by active citizenship. And that a necessary step is the construction of a place of confrontation with the associations that these policies express and practice.

We therefore ask you to start an innovative path that allows you to enhance the experiences, which the Roma Smart City project has brought about.

Here the points of the Agenda for Rome SMART

Looking forward to being able to meet you to deepen the points of the project and discuss with you towards these objectives, we send you our most cordial greetings


The following organizations are currently subscribers

  • States General Association of Innovation
  • Wait tired
  • Chlorophyll Association
  • Televita Volunteer Association
  • AITA
  • Public Space Biennial
  • Cards in order
  • CityMakers
  • Corviale Tomorrow
  • E-text
  • ForumPA
  • FundingMix
  • Legambiente Lazio
  • Liber Liber
  • New Ecology
  • Testaccio platform
  • Network cameras
  • Spaces of the soul, popular school of philosophy and citizenship
  • Transition Town Rome Appio LatinoForum PA
  • Tuscia Tourism
  • A city
  • A network
  • urban experience
  • Wecon


To which are added at the moment

Tiziana Amicuzzi, Fulvio Ananasso, Gilberto Avenali, Sergio Bellucci, Andrea Cangelli, Marco Calvo, Sergio Cametti, Enrico Chiarini, Claudio Cipollini, Umberto Croppi, Livio De Santoli, Gianni Dominici, Anna Maria Bianchi, Vincenzo Filetti, Marco Fratoddi, Myriam Ines Giangiacomo , Anna Giannetti, Nello Iacono, Carlo Infante, Andrea Ingrosso, Flavia Marzano, Alfonso Molina, Domenico Monaco, Stefania Nardo, Rosanna Oliva, Lorenzo Orlando, Stefano Panunzi, Francesco Pazienti, Antonella Giulia Pizzaleo, Renzo Provedel, Nicola Christian Rinaldi, Giuseppe Silvi , Armando Soldaini, Mario Spada, Tiziana Torelli, Paolo Trevisani, Anna Uttaro, Francesco Valdevies

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