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The web is becoming fundamental for work promotion and development actions. In defiance of the 'Apocalyptics', in fact, in 2014 the 65% of the new companies headed by young people "under 35" used the website for its business activities not only for marketing and/or commercialization operations but also for sales online. This was revealed by a survey on the needs of SMEs presented to the Summer School organized by the Study Foundation of Labor Consultants.

The Internet proves to be formidable not only for the transmission of knowledge - the pros and cons of which require further debate and analysis - but also and above all for social and economic development.

The web, exports and digital are the three main tools with which, in recent years, small and medium-sized Italian companies have tried to get out of the economic crisis and improve their productivity.

Looking at the data, the first signs of recovery were recorded in 2014 with +10,910 businesses carrying out activities in the hotel and restaurant sector and with +9,290 businesses providing support services to other businesses. The impetus for the birth of new activities and the development of existing ones comes from new information technologies. The future of companies therefore depends on the ability to renew themselves in order to seize new opportunities through the use of new strategies and an efficient organization model capable of developing the business competitively and making the most of all the resources employed.

A happy example of a company that has been able to skilfully combine experience and modern technologies is given by FICEI – Italian Federation of Consortiums of Industrialization Entities – which supervises infrastructural projects and/or territorial technological systems. In short, it supports (and sometimes even supports or replaces) the Chambers of Commerce.
Do what the 'Information Society' once did

The president of Ficei is Andrew Ferroni, the Vice President Nicholas Savino, L'tireless General Manager Michele Giannattasio.

With the LR. 32/2014, the Basilicata Region has launched a network of intangible infrastructures for industrial development by entrusting direction to Ficei and Ficei has created the consortium company RIISI with the Sud'Altro Consulting.

But this is not innovation! A bill, currently under examination by the Senate of the Republic, proposes to convert abandoned industrial areas and Ficei has been audited by the Senate's Industry Commission. The bill, signed by Camilla Fabbri of the Democratic Party, provides for an allocation, from the Ministry for Economic Development, of a fund of 150 million, spread over two years, for reconversion and redevelopment projects in abandoned industrial areas. The Director of Ficei, a few days after the hearing, gave an interview to Il Sole 24 Ore.

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But the tireless Director, Dr. Giannattasio didn't stop there. It has opened up to internationalization, starting a collaboration with IRAN and OMAN and for the occasion it intends to organize a conference in Naples in the splendid setting of Villa Doria D'Angri in Posillipo, next October …

Dove si legge che il dott. Ivano Russo di Mezzogiorno Europa è stato nominato dal Ministro Delrio, coordinatore per le infrastrutture del progetto in esame al Senato
Where it says that Dr. Ivano Russo of Mezzogiorno Europa has been appointed by Minister Delrio, coordinator for the infrastructure of the project under examination in the Senate

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