Internet Governance Forum 2015


Promoted by the United Nations since 2006, the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) takes place every year, more or less between October and November. This year the date is November 10-13, 2015 and will take place in João Pessoa in Brazil. This international appointment is preceded by another all-Italian appointment, equally important: the Internet Governance Forum which is taking place at the Chamber of Deputies. The seventh edition of the Internet Governance Forum Italia (#IGF2015) will take place tomorrow, Monday 12 October, starting at 9.30, in the Sala della Regina of the Chamber of Deputies., with live webTv.
By now the debate on the state of the media, its forms of sociality, security, privacy, usability, accessibility, participation, and much more, both nationally and internationally, is becoming increasingly heated. It is a debate that mainly arises from the awareness that information systems are radically changing not only the information, training and knowledge system, but also the forms of cohesion and social relations.
The Internet Governance Forum Italia is a place for multi-stakeholder discussion, declined at global, regional and national level, in which all stakeholders discuss issues relating to Internet governance, i.e. rules, procedures, infrastructures and programs that determine the functioning and evolution of the Web. Aspects ‐ technical, legal, economic and social ‐ that governments, the private sector and civil society contribute to delineate and which have an impact not only on the management of the Internet, but also on issues broader ones such as democratic participation and development. Jobs in Brazil are all about “Evolution of Internet Governance: Empowering Sustainable Development”. The aim of the national meeting will therefore be to define the contents of Italian participation in the global IGF following the open and 'multi-stakeholder' nature which is typical of the IGF. throughout the day, numerous speakers will take turns to discuss the first session of the Declaration of rights on the Internet with the participation of Stefano Rodotà; a second session will be dedicated to the international scenarios of Internet governance, a third to the theme of "digital recovery", the fourth and last will discuss the Italian constituent for Internet governance, an inclusive and participatory management model to help define the "rules of the Internet”.

Slowly and inexorably the world is changing before our eyes, and perhaps we don't even realize the extent of the profound changes that are taking place at a technological and social level, modifying our way of thinking, our language and the social institutions themselves. Let's take the concept of democracy for example: it is no longer valued as it was in the past, it requires a much more complex model of relationships than just over a decade ago. Our externalized behaviors always unconsciously refer to the concepts of privacy, secrecy, security. The safety paradigm, then, is compulsorily declined in all workplaces. The same negative, destructive social acts (acts of terrorism for example, or acts of suicide or even acts of murder) necessarily pass through technologies and social networks. The computer world is pregnant and has changed our own mental categories of event classification of our life. Pregnant and widespread, this is why the need arose to question oneself at a local and global level about the possibility of establishing certain and universally acceptable rules. It's a problem of human rights. It's a problem of all.

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