Food for thought on labor reform and the Italian Digital Agenda by Nello Iacono, Vice President of the General States of Innovation:

The draft law on the labor market implemented by the government and the result of a difficult negotiation, does not seem to have resolved the main issues on the table, from contractual forms, to the governance of labor policies, to adaptation to the new labor model that digital society requires. At least the latter point is expected to be addressed in the Italian Digital Agenda, in preparation and waiting for a forthcoming real and innovative labor reform

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2 thoughts on “Il futuro del lavoro, la riforma che verrà e l’Agenda Digitale Italiana”

  1. I am increasingly pessimistic about the possibility that this caretaker government is able to decide "above the parties" and simply guided by common sense and correct technical recipes. Day after day we see the snares and snares that politics creates if the direction taken does not coincide with one's own political guidelines.
    I wrote these things some time ago ( ) and it annoys me so much to think I was right 🙁

  2. Last year a group of consultants and teachers, sponsored by ASSOKNOWELEDGE, drafted a short “Innovation Guide for SMEs”.
    This brochure is available on my site and can be made available as an eBook for publication.

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