"Digitalia For Talent" competition: work for the youngest, 100,000 euros up for grabs!

There is time until September 10, 2012 to participate in the contest “DigIT@lia for talent”, dedicated to all young talents with a passion for digital and to anyone who has a social project linked to the world of technology capable of creating employment for young people.

 Promoted by the Italian Accenture Foundation e Prosperous Association – PROJECT HOPE – Digitalia is the right opportunity to implement innovative ideas from strong social connotation, therefore capable of having an effective social utility and to generate value for the community. Precisely from this point of view it will be possible to present ideas that can be implemented through organizations without lucrative purposes, whether they are social enterprises, start-ups and Srls with a "social statute", associations, non-profit organizations and foundations. Here you can find more information about it.

Various thematic areas to which to link your project: Interaction, Control and Transparency in Public Services; Overcoming the digital divide: e-learning and 2.0; Telecommunication infrastructure; ICT for social welfare in the future; Digital Factories; ICT and Disability; Digital literacy. As a prize 10,000 euros for the winning idea and a contribution of 100,000 euros for its realisation. Two other prizes of 3,000 and 5,000 euros instead they were foreseen for the second and third classified. The first three classified will also win the opportunity to make the complete business plan of its project proposal, thanks to the pro bono activity made available by the managers associated with Prospera. Competition is open to all Italian citizens and foreign citizens domiciled in Italy, who have reached the age of 18. All information on “DigIT@lia for talent” is available at the following link: http://ideatre60.it/node/12282.


L'ProSpera Association, acronym of PROgetto SPERAnza, is a non-profit association born in September 2009 with the aim of forming a ruling class with the values of responsible commitment, transparency and intellectual honesty, pursued through the promotion and of operational projects inspired by the founding values of ProSpera – development, innovation, support for the new generations, merit and ethics – and capable of transmitting concrete skills and experience to deserving young people who are heading towards the world of work and business. ProSpera's associates are managers, university professors, entrepreneurs and professionals from over five hundred different corporate realities who are personally and voluntarily committed to supporting the hope and ambitions of the new generations. The projects, originated and promoted directly by ProSpera, which also takes care of any financing with private contributors and partners, are carried out in collaboration with Universities, Public Administrations, Trade Associations, Research Centers, and Professional Associations. ProSpera is present throughout Italy with over 1,200 members. www.prospera.it Accenture Italian Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to promote significant experience and knowledge of innovation understood in its technological, scientific and managerial articulations for the benefit of the community. From an operational point of view, the pursuit of the Foundation's institutional goals is implemented through a strong commitment to the search for forms of networking with other foundations, institutions, businesses and organizations. In fact, the Foundation intends to play a role of catalyst capable of aggregating efforts, not only economic but also intellectual, of third parties, for the benefit of greater incisiveness and a more effective contribution to a real promotion of innovation and its applications . www.fondazioneaccenture.it ideaTRE60 – the place where ideas happen, is the technological, participatory and networking platform created by the Italian Accenture Foundation and dedicated to promoting and developing social innovation initiatives in favor of the community, through the sharing of ideas and the implementation of solutions-based projects advanced technologies. ideaTRE60 is available to individuals, companies, universities, foundations, associations, organizations and institutions that aim to generate a flow of new, feasible ideas dedicated to common progress. www.ideaTRE60.it

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