Notice of selection for AR design and implementation expert


For the project Crowddreaming – Youths co-create Digital Culture, we are launching a selection aimed at awarding the design, development and maintenance service of an interactive augmented reality platform.

Here are the details and requirements:


Customer APS States General of Innovation
Project Crowddreaming – Youths co-create Digital Culture

Funded by the Erasmus+ KA3 program Social Inclusion and Common Values: The Contribution in the Field of Education and Training

Project no. 604517-EPP-1-2018-BE-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN 2018-3186

Start date September 2019
Closing date December 2020
Budget 14.000 €
Contract type Subcontracting
Wanted profile Individual professional or company with a background in the technical-scientific field and experience in the design and implementation of augmented reality experiences, in particular through the use of Metaverse Studio or environments with equivalent functionality.

Willingness to participate in trips in Italy and abroad to carry out project activities and participate in project meetings.


Background of the Crowddreaming project

Crowddreaming: Youth co-create Digital Culture” (CDDC) project aims to disseminate and scale-up at European level a good practice in the field of the valorization of digital cultural heritage as a means for inclusive education and for the promotion of European values among youngsters.

The project scales up a best practice of the same name developed by States General of Innovation (General States of Innovation, SGI). “Crowddreaming” was born as a contest for Italian schools, promoted by Stati Generali dell'Innovazione and the Digital Cultural Heritage, Arts and Humanities School. Its third edition took place in 2018. It aims to encourage the awareness to both teachers and young people about the epochal challenge upon which new generations are called, they will be the first in history to find themselves passing down a purely digital cultural heritage. The competition aims to raise awareness of the difficulties of this challenge and to stimulate the adoption of the new paradigms of thought required to operate in the digital dimension. The Crowddreaming project takes this concept and scales it up into schools around Europe wherein students will be invited to create a virtual/augmented reality “digital scene” as a class. The project will create a formal version of the Crowddreaming methodology and resume for the first time, allowing it to be scaled up across Europe. The digital scenes developed by students participating in piloting countries will be put together in a digital square, a digital monument – Europa Square.

Based on a principle of content-based learning, each edition invites the participants to contribute to the construction of a digital monument, placing them on the challenge of generational transmission of digital cultural contents.

The project will develop a resume which will be piloted in Italy, Croatia, Latvia, and Greece. Trainers will be trained in the curriculum and will support teachers who will learn the course contents through MOOCs. At the end of the project a digital monument (Europea square) will be developed.

The project aims to reach 400 secondary school students for piloting country, creating 20 digital scenes for country. The project platform, Europa square will host at least 80 digital scenes from the students across Europe.

Who are we looking for?

The selected professional or company must know how to contribute professionally and independently to the design, development and maintenance of the "Europa Square" platform envisaged in the context of Work Package (WP) 5 of the Crowddreaming project, and in particular:

  • Analysis of the prototypes created on the occasion of the third edition of the national Crowddreaming competition and assessment of the opportunities for adaptation/integration for the needs of the CDDC project. (September – December 2019)
  • Programming and development of the new platform and back-end functionalities in collaboration with the management and communication team. (January – April 2020)
  • Testing the platform with the digital works developed by teachers and students. (May – December 2020)
  • Technical support during all phases of conception, piloting, public launch.

The reporting of the work performed in the context of the professional collaboration relationship will take place through the presentation of the required results and the periodic compilation of progress reports detailing the individual activities carried out and the implementation plan for future ones.

How to send your application?

Please send an email with the subject “Piazza Europa Crowddreaming Application” to no later than Friday 13 September, containing the following:

  • A cover letter of no more than one page demonstrating your willingness to accept this agreement, as well as your competence and interest in carrying out the activities listed above.
  • An up-to-date curriculum vitae in European format ( of all the staff involved
  • A report of the activities or a portfolio of the works carried out in the field of interest of this notice_Europ

Selection process

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Experience and competence of the candidate in the field of developing playful-interactive experiences in augmented reality, 2D-3D graphics and geo-referencing systems.
  • Preference will be granted to members of the States General of Innovation who have demonstrated that they voluntarily contribute to the organization and promotion of the activities carried out by the association

Applicants deemed suitable will be invited to take part in a short online interview to verify the eligibility requirements. All candidates will be informed of the results of the selection process via email.


For any information, contact the treasurer Altheo Valentini


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