Appointments & News June-July 2018

Appuntamenti e News
  • Rome, 20 June at 5.30pm c/o Marconi Library, via G. Cardano 135 presentation of the book “Training in the era of smart cities” edited by Elena Cardirola and Joseph Pirlo (SGI member)
  • Rome, June 20 from 15:00 to 17:00 c/o the PRoF (Punto Roma Facile) of Municipio III, Via Umberto Fracchia 45, the seminar open to the public of the SGI president will be held Fulvio Ananasso "Internet: what it is, how to use it and what precautions to take". The seminar intends to show the general concepts of the Internet, the main services and applications, the skills that need to be acquired, the opportunities and potential risks in a simple and informative way.
  • Rome, 21 June from 4 to 6 pm c/o la Training Hall of the Rome XIV Town Hall Monte Mario in Piazza Santa Maria della Pietà n. 5 (Hall 30)
    the seminar will be held open to the member's public Gabriella PaoliniAre you familiar with the Internet? Understand how the network works to make the most of it”.
  • Tallinn (Estonia) 26-28 June the conference will be held “Connecting the dots: Young People, Social Inclusion and Digitalisation”. The SGI secretary will intervene as a speaker in the workshop on 27 June Paul Russo, with the presentation of  “Quintana 4D: Digital Ghosts of a Future Past”.
  • Castelgandolfo 27-29 June c/o Center Mariapolis of the Pontifical Villa. Will be held the "4th International Scholas Chairs Congress University and School. Towards a revival of universities that “go forth”, in which our partner Carmine Marinucci will participate, with the development of three themes. There Scholas Chair is a space for reflection by Scholas Occurentes, the Papa Francisco School and the purpose of this Congress is to gather university representatives and members of the Scholas Chairs Program, together with other personalities from the religious, diplomatic and political universe in order to generate opportunities for cooperation and learning around education as a major tool for social change.

We also recall the our annual event which will take place on the days 5-8 July in Foligno and Bevagna.

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