New Wister eBook: YES We_STEM

Nuovo eBook Wister: YES We_STEM

On 8 March 2016 the MIUR, with the support of the Italian headquarters of the European Commission, launched the project “Students want to count! The month of STEM" by promoting initiatives and insights to combat gender stereotypes and discrimination.

"The month of STEM" (acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) aims to raise awareness among students of schools of all levels to the study of scientific and technological disciplines, overcoming the gender gap.

The WISTER network (Women for Intelligent and Smart TERritories) took the opportunity to organize an event entitled Yes WE STEM (Women Empowerment in STEM) at the headquarters of the European Commission in Rome, whose work generated this eBook. In fact, the contributions of the various chapters of the ebook go beyond the interventions of the event and contain further insights, elaborations and data. And precisely the skills, experience, sensitivity, commitment and effort of each of the authors and authors have made it possible to build a book that represents a rich and original editorial product, edited by Luciana d'Ambrosio Marri, Flavia Marzano And Emma Pietrafesa.

Introduction by Simonetta Di Pippo, Director of the Office for Outer Space Affairs of the United Nations (UNOOSA) and conclusions by Catalina Oana Curceanu, Senior Researcher at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Frascati National Laboratories (Rome) and a member of the Foundational Question Institute (FQXi), make this eBook even more valuable.

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