Workshop "Learn the Art of Crowddreaming" as part of ALL DIGITAL Summit 2020

Workshop “Learn the Art of Crowddreaming” at ALL DIGITAL SUMMIT

The Crowddreaming project - Young people co-create Digital Culture will appear in many moments of the ALL DIGITAL Summit 2020, but the workshop "Learn the Art of Crowddreaming" is the event to attend if you want to definitively find out everything about the results and the products of the project.

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When: October 8, 2020, 11.40am (until 1.10pm)
Where: Online
Registration: Required – to register, please complete and submit the registration form.
Deadline for entries: October 1, 2020

Keywords: digital cultural heritage; MOOCs for teachers; co-creation of digital scenes; virtual/augmented reality; European digital monument; Europe Square; social inclusion; European history; European values; coaching circle.
The art of Crowddreaming (CDDC) is a methodology that connects young people and educators with cultural heritage and digitization, in a process of unique co-creation contributing to common understanding of European history and values, intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.
Crowddreaming is a vision for the betterment of society that comes to life when it is turned into a compelling story that captures the imagination of a crowd large enough to make it happen.

Workshop participants will learn about:
-The methodology of Crowddreaming (origin, objectives and results of its use)
- Curriculum and MOOC that allows educators (teachers, trainers, coaches, facilitators) to use Crowddreaming with young people in schools, digital learning centers, etc.
-Methodology implementation experiences in 5 European countries.
-Piazza Europa – a lasting digital monument dedicated to Europe as a transcultural laboratory.
-How to set up your own Crowddreaming business and connect with peers across Europe.

Registration for the event is mandatory. To register, please complete and submit the registration form by October 1, 2020.

About Crowddreaming: Young people co-create a digital culture project
“Crowddreaming – young people co-create digital culture” is a Erasmus+ project carried out within the annual KA3 call for proposals on social inclusion and common values. The grant in the field of education and training managed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission.
The aim of the project is to disseminate and scale up at European level a good practice in the field of valorisation of digital cultural heritage as a means for inclusive education and for the promotion of European values among young people.
The good practice identified is "Crowddreaming: young people co-create digital culture" born as a competition for Italian schools and promoted by the Italian association Stati Generali dell'Innovazione, whose aim is to create a lasting digital monument dedicated to Europe as a transcultural laboratory.
The Crowddreaming project involves 5 partners from 5 European countries. The pilot action is being implemented in 4 countries (Croatia, Greece, Italy and Latvia) and is aimed at high school teachers (20 in each country) and students (400 in each country).

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