Introductory workshop on free and open source tools for the design profession

On 9 November, at the Order of Architects of Bologna, a seminar/workshop will be held to introduce free and open source tools for designers, held by freelance architects and engineers. Participation is free; at the address find the poster with the program and the registration form.

The initiative born from the collaboration between the Order of Architects of Bologna, the Free Software for Architecture project and Inarbay(*) aims to introduce the professional to the world of free software by illustrating its logic and cultural references. In order to offer designers a concise but targeted overview of some freeware and open source tools useful for the profession, the software Gimp (open source for photo retouching and editing of digital images), SketchUp (freeware for three-dimensional modeling), DoubleCAD XT (freeware 2D CAD), Blender (the open source for advanced modeling, animation and rendering) and open source solutions for GIS.

In order to make the meeting a concrete opportunity to get closer to free software, an operational session will be held in the second part of the day with workshops for introducing the software, demonstrations, questions and help with installation.

Free software for architecture is a project aimed at promoting and facilitating a cultural renewal among the actors of the design world by offering professionals the critical and practical tools for acquiring greater IT awareness and a deeper and more autonomous critical capacity for carrying out their professional activity . software for architecture/

InArBAY is a project born within InArCommunity, aimed at establishing new ways of collaboration between professionals, and at generating new forms of service and cooperation between the players in the sector, whether they are professionals or companies.

Inarcommunity is the social network of Italian freelance engineers and architects enrolled in Inarcassa: a space for the exchange of information, the birth of collaborations and the planning of innovative activities and services.

Participants who wish will then be able to attend the proceedings with their own laptop.

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