Welcome to adult life

Being twenty is like living in a perpetual spring. Energy, ideas and talent come together in a strong organism convinced of having the world in hand. The World Wide Web has it. He knows it well Riccardo Luna, at the celebration of the twenty years of the Web, Happy Birthday Web, in which the awareness was fully breathed that the web will never stop, not even if the ten-year brakes of often political control were to continue, not even when there is boredom and the lack of curiosity of the late digitals, not even when it is the mind and not the body to feel tired, and not even when the short-sightedness of finding something else to invest in blocks the development, the right, the sharing of knowledge.

The Internet is twenty years old and demonstrates the full strength of its beauty. Many to celebrate it, including Stephen Quintarelli And Marco Zamperini. To celebrate the lovers, supporters, including  Maurice Ferraris, Massimo Marchiori, Leorizio D'Aversa And Layla Peacock, and the father. At the Temple of Hadrian in Rome Tim Bernes Lee who, like any good father, praises his creature and at the same time supports it, emphasizing the four dimensions of the law that will necessarily have to support the Net in the near future: the right to be able to use the internet, to be able to use it without feeling spied on, the right to web neutrality and the right to access data, to share knowledge.

An open, transparent, shared and social network. There are many who declare it, including Stefano Rodotà, Frieda Brioschi, Glory Origgi and Alberto Cottica. An accessible network, open but which needs commitment, support, struggle, because the network is a war, which we will win "because we are more curious!" as he exhorts Marco De Rossi.

A fantastic atmosphere, great interventions and the right emotion of having in front of us someone who has profoundly changed the lives of all of us!” said the president of StatiGeneralInnovation.it, Prof. Flavia Marzano, afternoon keynote in the workshop on democratic participation. “Just a small fly in the ointment - points out - perhaps not even that small, behind Tim Berners Lee, while he was speaking, the following writing appeared every now and then - it is forbidden to record, post-produce and re-use the intervention now online - I found it at least strange and incoherent that while he was speaking of Net Neutrality and Open Data and Open Government then closed the diffusion of the event which, moreover, being in streaming was potentially visible from all over the connected world! We still have a long way to go for Open Government”.

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