Webinar “Blockchain: from Bitcoin to Algorand”. Thursday 19 November 2020

“Blockchain: From Bitcoin to Algorand” is the title of the webinar promoted by States General of Innovation. The appointment is Thursday 19 November 2020, from 18 to 20 on the Zoom platform.

There Blockchains (“Authoritative register of certified transactions without trusted intermediaries”) is a kind of decentralized public register that exploits peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to validate transactions between two or more parties in a reliable, secure, verifiable and permanent way.
It is a transparent and open technology that realizes a form of shared 'general ledger' of digital data in the absence of a trusted central authority, created and maintained through a set of 'nodes' of a distributed recording network (distributed ledger technology, DLT) which prevents any form of censorship.
Designed in 2007 by Satoshi Nakamoto (considered by many to be a pseudonym) as the technology underlying the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the Blockchain has evolved over time as an enabling technology in various application sectors – fintech, insurance, traceability (public deeds, migratory flows, agri-food chain, maintenance interventions, …), identity certification / educational qualifications, digital health, energy / utilities, etc.
It has become a sort of "buzzword" due to its intrinsic characteristics of immutability, traceability, transparency and decentralization, but at the same time it poses questions of security, delays and scalability, which require careful continuous monitoring of the technology and its evolutions.
For example, the possibility of integrating services and applications managed by different subjects, guaranteeing the availability, integrity and origin of information and transactions represents a radical paradigm shift. The data is no longer centralized but distributed, so any threats no longer concern the individual but the whole community.
In possible scenarios, standardization standards – ISO, ITU, UN / CEFACT, … – can play an important enabling role, promoting data interoperability, improving product safety and enabling significant economies of scale at the supply chain ecosystem level .
This first webinars deals with the main technical and regulatory issues of the Blockchain with a popular approach, for an audience not necessarily inside the industry. A second webinar will follow, more focused on concrete use cases of applying the technology.
The webinar is free, but registration is required links. Subscribers will receive a confirmation email with the information necessary to access the meeting on the Zoom platform. Access to the Zoom room will be possible from 17.30.
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