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From 9 to 11 May, Pescara will kick off the WebFest 2012 to celebrate ten years of the Web Italia Award.

The PWI has become one of the most authoritative events on the Italian web due to its independence and its ability to find new talents in each edition and to enhance the many excellences that every year have been able to get involved and confront colleagues and competitors.

The President of the General States of Innovation, Flavia Marzano, will receive the Italian Web Awards for career on Friday 11 during the  Gala Web Italy Award, as recognition for his contribution in the field of the Information Society, technologies and new media.

The three days of 9, 10 and 11 May will open with a Multi-Talk event (basically a conference with a little more rhythm and synthetic interventions) and will end with an evocative talk-show with international agencies. Every day there will be dozens of other collateral and artistic events.

Continue reading on the WebFest website Tenth edition.

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