Do you want to become Project Digital Assistant? Improve your skills, sign up for the online course starting June 8th!

Starting from 8 June 2020 the new training course to become Project Digital Assistant, promoted by the European project Digital SkillShift. The lessons will be fully online following the Covid-19 emergency: they will have a duration of 60 hours, including webinars with industry experts, use of the Moodle platform and practical exercises.

The path is intended for unemployed and unemployed young people between 18 and 35 years old: upon completion of the training course, participants may be included in active policy measures to support job placement. In addition to the personal data, the other requirements are: residence or domicile in a municipality of the Lazio Region; possession of a high school diploma; basic level of digital skills, assessed with an entry test.

A opportunities for training and professional growth free to retrain and improve the skills of those who want to compete with the challenges of "digital transformation", in a labor market that has changed profoundly in recent years, which no longer allows for further delays. A real revolution underway that opens up new scenarios for those who are able to develop new skills, especially in the digital and social fields, the so-called soft skills.

“Digital SkillShift is a flexible learning schedule focused on specific job roles. It exalts citizens in the face of the challenges that new digital technology is creating within the labor market”, as the promoters explain. The project, supported by JP Morgan Chase & Co. Foundation and coordinated in Europe by All Digital, was created to promote and increase the skills of unemployed citizens in Italy, Germany and France. In our country it is made by Patrizio Paoletti Foundation in collaboration with States General of Innovation And Work Experience.

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