A suggestion to Floris, a “remedial” bet on broadband to Ballarò…

The network is full of comments on Giovanni Floris' serious "slip" in yesterday's episode of Ballarò. An episode that says a lot not so much about the knowledge of some topics by even very good journalists like Floris, but about the lack of attention that the "theme of innovation" continues to receive in our country. For too long and, I think, now in a way that is no longer tolerable for the development of Italy. Blogs and forums are full of formidable comments on the "gaffe", I won't add another one.

I suggest that Floris commit to a “repair bet” towards his audience and in general to affirm that his gaffe was not meant to be a conscious expression of a conservative will. An episode dedicated to Italian way to innovation, from companies to services for citizens, from the e-gov which for us is still a goal to knowledge workers who are marginalized, up to the smart city model, on which some territories are already moving, just to mention a few points. There are many things to say and discuss, even in a program like Ballarò. Of possible guests able to make everything more than attractive to the public, too. And in the Consulta we also have the politicians who cannot be missing from Ballarò.


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