The network is full of comments on Giovanni Floris' serious "slip" in yesterday's episode of Ballarò. An episode that says a lot not so much about the knowledge of some topics by even very good journalists like Floris, but about the lack of attention that the "theme of innovation" continues to receive in our country. For too long and, I think, now in a way that is no longer tolerable for the development of Italy. Blogs and forums are full of formidable comments on the "gaffe", I won't add another one.

I suggest that Floris commit to a “repair bet” towards his audience and in general to affirm that his gaffe was not meant to be a conscious expression of a conservative will. An episode dedicated to Italian way to innovation, from companies to services for citizens, from the e-gov which for us is still a goal to knowledge workers who are marginalized, up to the smart city model, on which some territories are already moving, just to mention a few points. There are many things to say and discuss, even in a program like Ballarò. Of possible guests able to make everything more than attractive to the public, too. And in the Consulta we also have the politicians who cannot be missing from Ballarò.


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6 thoughts on “Un suggerimento a Floris, una puntata “riparatrice” a Ballarò sulla banda larga…”

  1. Attilio A. Romita

    I haven't seen the episode of Ballarò and I'll try to watch it (if I can find it) on the RAI website.
    Unfortunately, many of these broadcasts try to gain an audience simply by following the trend of the banal or waving "niche" concepts as universal.
    Unfortunately, "the right of reply", especially conceptual, is a pure ideal concept.
    Perhaps it would be better if, instead of asking for a hypothetical remedial transmission, a way was found to "publicize" the errors and false statements ... point by point and with notes of this type "plague" any blog, forum, newspaper site, etc. .
    The very organization of the network and the search engines will bring this news to the surface and the virality of the network will do the rest.
    You can't always play a throw-in and, even if you're right, you have to "beat your hands"!

  2. I have seen the piece in question. It is striking that Floris, who is certainly not stupid or ignorant, does not know what broadband is. But so be it. I don't know if it's serious enough to ask for a remedial bet, but unfortunately many in Italy (even among educated people) have not understood how useful the Internet can be to the country's system.

    We also try to provide some information, as much as we can.

  3. Caesar Red Turtle

    I think that this opportunity, regardless of the gaffe which is no worse than others, should be absolutely seized to open an interlocution with Ballarò and with Rai3 in general. In years, I haven't been able to get Report to do any “good news” about free software. If anyone in the Consulta is able to elicit a response from Ballarò, so be it! Objective: to get people talking about real innovation and the States General, we certainly wouldn't mind a media recognition..

  4. Attilio A. Romita

    I saw the part of the episode containing Floris's “horrendous gaffe”.
    I agree with Marco Calvo's note.
    I have to honestly say, if I hadn't known this beforehand, I wouldn't have even noticed. Among other things, the undersecretary talks about the economic sectors in which the government will act, he also talks about communications and Polillo mentions broadband. Floris makes the offending and erroneous joke: he links broadband to TV frequencies. Polillo rectifies correctly and the argument falls apart.
    I don't like how Floris conducts, that is, constantly throwing jokes and small provocations. In this case the offending joke could be seen as a starting point to clarify something that for many non-experts was not so clear after all.
    And here is the point. A clear fact for us, a non-majority percentage of Italy, is absolutely obscure for many and, perhaps, Floris's Mike Buongiorno gaffe can be considered positive.
    The problem is to cure a broad literacy that makes broadband, network and internet subject of general interest. When many realize that broadband is really a tool of innovation, and not a "geek's toy", then perhaps we will arrive at real results.
    "it's never too late" and Maestro Manzi made many of our fellow citizens take a real step forward. And culture, the real and generalized one, has taken a step forward.
    Eng. Giacosa with the 500 and 600 made the Italian economy and well-being take a leap forward. And then the highways had to be built.
    Ferrari with its splendid cars has made almost all of us dream, and only a few have been able to buy them, but we don't make a big deal out of this.
    Let's make many understand that all those possible services and.something are useful, then broadband will become a general demand.
    Since the request is general, even journalists, in the name of the audience, will lend us a hand.
    In my opinion this should be the right attitude to proceed and innovate.

  5. yes, let's hit Floris' callus. Let's highlight the gaffe even further.
    Associating broadband to the "frequencies for Mediaset" reveals the abyss of ignorance in which the entire RAI world resides which for years has turned a blind eye. Becoming nothing for real.
    I'm not angry, nor appalled.
    It is yet another confirmation of the widespread ignorance. Let's point it out. Let's relaunch.

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