An Open Talk with the students At OpenCoesione School

at open cohesion school

Stati Generali dell'Innovazione is a partner of the project "At the School of OpenCohesion" and we are available to intervene in the schools that have joined, such as the "Federico Caffè" Technical Institute in Rome. We intervene with a Open Talk (set to a brainstorming activity, one of formats promoted by the States General of Innovation) on the topic of Open Data and Territorial Innovation. We discuss with the students how Open Data can be functional in making awareness of the use of information an opportunity for growth (as a new form of production) and as an enabling condition for active citizenship and Territorial Innovation. We ask ourselves what we have in our pockets, in our smart-phones, that uses open data...the evidence emerges that many apps use them, such as those that monitor public transport flows. In the brainstorming an idea is formed which could become a project-work: analyzing the flows relating to the Porta Portese market… We are talking about theLearning Everywhere and how important it is to use the opportunities of the cloud in relation to what surrounds us, in the territories. Here it is below storify in which we have re-aggregated the tweets (few) and some useful links to recreate the dynamics of the comparison.

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