A Minister with responsibility for the Italian Digital Agenda: a strong and clear impulse is needed for the country's digital strategy

Press release


The association statigeneralinnovazione.it is associated with what is required these days by the Internet Governance Forum Italia because theItalian Digital Agenda both among the priority points of the government that is being formed and a minister in charge of the digital economy and innovation.

The association statigeneralinnovazione.it believes that the best growth opportunities for our country are offered by support for innovation as an opportunity for business development, by the development of broadband and by breaking down the digital divide of a social, territorial and generational nature, by the renewal of the State through the Open Government, from the enhancement of creativity, recognizing knowledge workers and in particular the new generations a fundamental role for the recovery of the Italian system.

For this reason we ask the President of the Council in charge prof. Mario Monti to provide for an explicit government delegation for the definition and implementation of a digital strategy for the country, whose absence weighs like a boulder on the chances of exiting the crisis.

The minister to whom this responsibility will be assigned will have the contribution and support of all the innovation stakeholders, for whom the initiative of the General States of Innovation intends to constitute a point of reference and above all a place for meeting and comparison, even with the Permanent Council of the States General of Innovation, under construction.

The States General of Innovation

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