An amendment to be deleted, for the common good

Thanks to the prompt mobilization of associations such as Agorà Digitale, Article 21, and of the many who on blogs and social networks have discussed and protested the now well-known "Fava amendment" (i.e. the rule which provides for the possibility for anyone to ask any hosting provider to remove content published on the net), parliamentarians of all orientations have presented amendments that suppress the harmful modification due to the Northern League parliamentarian.

Now we will have to ensure that the amendments are actually voted on, keeping attention high.

However, I believe above all, as soon as possible, we need to move towards a regulatory framework that configures the network as a common good and links it inextricably with the rights of freedom and citizenship. We must avoid that periodically, due to a distraction, due to an excess of incompetence, due to a more audacious push by some lobby, we risk such great damage to the freedoms of all.

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